How To Pack The Perfect Overnight Bag For Bae's, So You Don't Look Like You're Moving In

by Kristin Corpuz

Being in a new relationship is exciting, nerve-wracking, and thrilling all at once. Every "first" is more special than the last, even if it's something as small as your first time calling each other "babe" or as magical as your first kiss. As you get more comfortable with each other and start spending more and more time with each other, you'll eventually get to the point of spending the night at each other's places. But for the sake of not scaring them away or intimidating them, you'll need the best packing list for visiting your boyfriend or girlfriend, so it doesn't look like you're moving in.

Your overnight bag should strike just the right balance of essentials so that you don't go overboard, but you should also have enough stuff to be really comfortable spending the night with your boo. Make sure that your bag isn't filled with too many things that you don't need, but also make sure that you pack everything that you actually do need. (You don't be the girl who forgets to bring a toothbrush!)

At the end of the day, though, try not to worry about your overnight bag too much. Enjoy every moment you get to spend with your new boo, and remember each "first" as it comes. They only get more special as your relationship grows.

Only Pack The Necessities
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This probably seems pretty obvious, but you should only bring what you absolutely need for an overnight. A toothbrush and PJs? Those are must-haves. But that extra pair or two of shoes? You can probably skip out on those. For now, try to stick to the necessities.

Consolidate As Much As You Can
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I am totally guilty of having a million-step nighttime skincare routine, but luckily, my boyfriend knows and accepts how extra I am. However, I don't think I could have lugged all of my beauty products to his place when we first started dating, and you may not want to bring everything, either. Try to consolidate the products as much as you can. Maybe take out a serum or two, and skip the charcoal mask for one night.

Keep A "Bae Bag" Packed So You Don't Accidentally Overpack At The Last-Minute
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I can't be the only one who overpacks when I'm rushing, right? When you don't have time to edit yourself, it can be easy to grab anything and everything you think you might need, and go overboard with the stuff you bring to bae's. But if you keep a bag packed with all the essentials you normally bring, all you have to do is add a fresh change of clothes, and you're good to go. Think of it as your backpack for a night at boo's.

Invest In Refillable Travel-Sized Containers

No one wants to be lugging around full-sized toiletries for just an overnight stay. Not only are they heavy and a pain to carry, but they also make your overnight look more like a long-term stay. (Why else would you need that much shampoo?)

Instead, bring along your refillable travel-sized containers. Bae's shower and medicine cabinet will seriously thank you.

Ask If You Can Leave Some Things At Their Place (At The Right Time In Your Relationship, Of Course)

Once the two of you have been dating for a while, you can probably ask to leave some essentials at their place so that your overnight bag can have less stuff in it. If you can at least leave a toothbrush, a pair of PJs, and your shower toiletries, it'll really help your overnight bag out.