Guys Reveal The Best Dating Advice They've Ever Gotten From Their Dads

My dad has always said he's glad he had daughters because he wouldn't know what to teach a son. He's not a football guy, he doesn't like to fish, and I don't think he's ever seen NASCAR. But I know he would've risen to the occasion, because he's an awesome dad — the kind of dad who actually deserves that "World's Best Dad!" mug I bought him with my allowance once. Here's one thing he could've taught a potential son: Dating advice from dad. He would've nailed it.

He's given me lots of advice over the years, ranging from the practical ("Don't move in with someone unless you're really ready") to the philosophical (while crying over a breakup: "Do you miss your ex or do you just miss being in a relationship?"). And I can only imagine that he'd have even more advice to give a son.

Because no matter who your dad is, he must have some kind of experience with relationships. And that leads to him having opinions, stories that start with "back in my day," and advice. Lots of advice.

I asked nine guys for the best dating advice they've received from their dads, because (1) dads are wise, and (2) why should they keep that wisdom all to themselves? Here's what they said.

When in doubt, make up a thing that I said or did that explain any number of your glaring flaws. But for f*ck’s sake, make it believable.

— Xander, 26

If it ends, don't be spiteful. Take the high road, be respectful, and move forward. You will ultimately be happier for it.

— Adam, 26

Right after I came out, my dad told me if I ever got into a relationship with a guy that I should be proud of that relationship and not be afraid to show my affection in public. He essentially said, 'F*ck the haters, you do you.'
Knowing that my dad, the person I felt would be the least approving, was OK with me being me in the public eye... It was one of the most important moments in my life.

— Ross, 22

Clear communication is paramount. None of us are all-knowing, and if you don’t communicate, you fall back on your assumptions. As you know, when we assume, we make an ass out of u and me. Full dad joke glory, but good advice.

— Billy, 26

It’s not the one you really want to be with, it’s the one you can’t be without.

— Daniel, 30

My dad always finds a way to make my momma smile and feel loved. He surprises her with little things, and he bought her a new Jeep for her birthday. He finds time for date nights. His contact name for her in his phone is Ultimate Hottie, which she loves. I guess I've learned to spoil my future queen.

— Joe, 24

My dad to this day will remind me to always open doors for women, never talk over them when they’re talking, and never walk too fast or far in front of them when you’re walking together.

— Irving, 27

Find someone educated who knows their responsibilities: work, school, being on time, taking care of their parents. A lot of kids don’t care anymore. They’d rather get lit every day than think about their responsibility.

— Mohammed, 23

Well, I figured it out by the third wife. You’ll be fine.

— Lewis, 24

Honestly, Lewis's dad is right — we'll all be fine.

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