Savvy Shoppers, Rejoice! These Panty Liners Are Tough On Leaks & Easy On Your Wallet

From lighter period days to bladder leaks and even postnatal care, panty liners are an essential layer of protection for many people. But if you're changing your liner regularly (and you should be — especially if it's damp or soiled), the cost can add up quickly. I've turned Amazon upside-down (so to speak) in order to find the best deals on cheap panty liners, with something to suit every preference.

As is true with many products, you often get the best deal on panty liners when you buy in bulk. With the list I've put together, you'll find disposable options that range in quantity from 40 liners to 132 (hint: the latter works out to be around $0.12 per liner).

Another way to save money is to invest in reusable liners; while this will definitely cost you more upfront, the savings can really add up in the long-run. If you're looking for long-term savings (or just trying to reduce waste), I've included a reusable option just for you.

Although my picks are some of the cheapest liners you'll find, they don't skimp on quality. Before putting this list together, I read through dozens of reviews to see which ones actually do what's promised when it comes to preventing leaks and fighting odors. So, whether you're looking for regular liners, extra-long, organic, or reusable, there's something here for everyone.

The Overall Best

What makes them great: These Always panty liners offer superb protection from leaks and odors at a price that's easy to like. Lightweight and flexible, they dry fast and stay firmly in place thanks to their "edge-to-edge" adhesive. This option consists of two 50-count boxes (for a total of 100 liners), which means you'll be stocked up for quite a while. If you need a little more protection, the brand also makes extra long panty liners.

What fans say: "These are my favorite of the available pantyliners out there. They are long enough without being overly so. They are protective in the event of either a menstrual or minor urinary incident (after birthing 3 kids in 4 [years], unfortunately it happens sometimes) And there is no overpowering floral or powdery scent with them. I can wear them comfortably throughout the day and have no complaints."

An Organic Alternative

What makes them great: A higher price-tag is inevitable with organic products, but these Rael panty liners are still pretty reasonable, with 40 in a pack for just $9. They're constructed with non-GMO cotton that's certified organic, making them highly breathable and perfect for sensitive skin. Both comfortable and absorbent, these liners are especially great at preventing odors, according to reviewers. Even better: they're available in regular and extra-long sizes, so you can get just as much protection as you need.

What fans say: "I tried these liners because I am trying to eliminate toxins in my personal health care products. They arrived quickly, were packaged very nicely, and worked amazing!"

A Reusable Alternative

What makes them great: Whether you're looking to reduce waste or you simply want an option that's more economical in the long-run, look no further than these Hesta reusable panty liners. While many other reusable liners are made with microfiber (which can feel thick and hot), these are constructed with three layers of organic cotton, so they're comfortable and breathable in addition to being highly absorbent. A layer of eco-friendly polyurethane laminate is what makes them leak-free and, according to Hesta, each one can replace as many as 100 disposable liners. Available in four sizes, they're well-loved on Amazon and boast a 4.7-star rating from reviewers.

What fans say: "Great product! Snapped on just fine and washed well after use. I liked how super soft it felt and it was breathable. The pattern is super cute. I would highly recommend these. I have been slowly changing my lifestyle all organic after using certain products. I don't plan on going back to store pads or liners after trying these."

The Best For Bladder Leaks

What makes them great: While all of my previous picks can work in a pinch, these Always discreet liners are specifically designed for bladder leaks, offering four times the absorbency of your average period liner. The "RapidDry" technology transforms liquids into gel to keep you from feeling wet — even after a bad leak. With almost 200 five-star reviews on Amazon, these liners are a popular pick, and fans say that they offer reliable protection from both leaks and odor.

What fans say: "I absolutely love these pads — they absorb very quickly and can absorb quite a bit of liquid. They managed to keep me completely dry when I had a coughing fit with a full bladder, and that right there is the ultimate test for any incontinence product and I knew I had a winner. I will continue to use these and I am glad that they are discreet and small."

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