These Are The Best Panty Liners, & You Can Get Them Multipacks On Amazon


Because they boast moisture-absorbing qualities, the best panty liners are an easy way to maintain freshness throughout the day. They're disposable, compactly packaged, and worthy of regular use.

Fresh effects aside, panty liners should always be used properly to avoid unwanted irritation. Don't know how often to change them? According to the folks at Flo (a women's health platform), a panty liner should be "immediately changed if it becomes excessively moist." (Yes, that means midday swaps might be in order.) Without proper use, you could risk irritating the delicate skin in that area or, worse, contracting an unwanted yeast infection.

In terms of the kinds of panty liners that qualify as "the best," there are a few main camps: unscented, scented, and organic. If you have sensitive skin that's prone to reactions from fragrance, Flo recommends opting for unscented varieties to avoid any potential irritation. But the choice really comes down to personal preference — some people prefer a fresh scent on their panty liners, and that's OK too. Organic varieties tend to be unscented as well, but they're made with certified-organic cotton and, generally-speaking, cost a bit more per liner.

Here, shop a list of quality panty liners that fit these categories. They're all available in multipacks, and to help guide your search, I've already laid out the important details. Once you've picked out your favorites, check out the best underwear for periods.

Best Non-Organic Unscented

These individually wrapped Always panty liners are designed for daily wear — and they're completely unscented, making them perfect for most people. Each 120-pack costs less than $10, so they won't break the bank.

The liners themselves are super thin with a breathable synthetic layer that'll absorb excess moisture and provide necessary ventilation while in use. They've got Always' "Edge-2-Edge" adhesive, so, similar to their counterparts, they're designed to stay securely placed in your underwear.

What fans say: "These liners are the most discreet ones on the market. You literally will forget you are even wearing a liner. It keeps you fresh and protected without any lines or bulkiness."

Best Organic Unscented

Rael's panty liners are made with FDA-registered organic cotton that's ethically-sourced from Texas. They're chlorine- and fragrance-free, featuring a comfortable curved shape and a non-toxic adhesive.

Despite being unscented, the cotton makes them extremely breathable, which is great for odor control. Though they're the priciest per pad — you get 40 liners for $8 — the all-natural factor might be worth the splurge depending on your hygiene budget. Like the option above, they're individually wrapped and ready to stash in your bag.

What fans say: "Rael pantyliners are A+ product. They are not too thin, not too thick and adhere to fabric well. Great price and super fast delivery. I will be buying again."

Best Scented

This 60-pack of scented panty liners from Carefree comes highly rated by Amazon reviewers. The "fresh scent" liners are made with a synthetic, cotton-like material that absorbs moisture and, thanks to a baking-soda-packed formula, masks odors. (Note: If you're sensitive to fragrances, this might not be the most ideal choice for you.)

Each liner features a secure adhesive on the bottom to keep it in place, but, unlike other options listed here, comes unwrapped. Depending on how and when you plan to use your liners, the absence of full-coverage packaging could be a downside.

What fans say: "I have used these for years. I am small, and the 'original' size is perfect for me. It is just the coverage I want and need."

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