The Best Beaches In NYC You Didn't Even Know About, For A Sweet Escape

by Ciara Johnson

Beaches probably don't come to mind when you first think of The Big Apple. Most people flock to New York City to experience the city life. They have a goal to visit museums, watch shows on Broadway, explore iconic landmarks, marvel at the bright lights in Time Square, and try a variety of different cuisine. It's clear as to why NYC is the ultimate destination. However, many people don't know that New York City has beaches that are just waiting to be discovered. So, you'll be happy to know that you can still get your tan on during your city trip. Check out the best beaches in NYC (or close by) when you need a salty and sweet city escape.

Most of us love a good beach day, especially after several days spent wandering the busy streets of the city. Once you brushed up against enough shoulders in the subway and heard one too many honking horns, you'll be dreaming of the sea. I think we can all agree that the beach has a calming effect. The sounds of the ocean and the smell of salt water can make you feel at peace. Why not do something a bit different with your time in NYC? You'll be shore to thank yourself when you visit these beaches.

Rockaway Beach
The New Yorker on YouTube

This is, hands down, the coolest beach in NYC this summer. You may have heard this beach mentioned in a popular song called "Rockaway Beach" by The Ramones, and need to add it to your bucket list ASAP.

There's a major art scene, like Life Lessons Garage, the project space that puts on art shows, readings, and more every Saturday through Aug. 11. It's worth checking out after catching up on your beach reads and basking in the sun. When you're hungry, be sure to hit up the Rockaway Beach Surf Club for some tacos and a beer. And if you want to get active, consider catching some waves on a surfboard! You've gotta check out this beach for yourself, because it definitely lives up to the hype.

Coney Island
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Coney Island is the perfect place for you to chill or chase the thrill. Basically, you can spend the day strolling along the beach, getting ice cream or a fruity drink on the boardwalk, and hopping onto a wild rollercoaster ride at Luna Park. There is something for everyone at Coney Island, so this might just be the change of a pace you need while you're visiting NYC.

Brighton Beach
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Wind down on Brighton Beach (also known as Little Odessa) when you need a breather. You can spend your time walking the boardwalk, shopping the boutiques, and eating at beachside restaurants. You'll never be bored at Brighton Beach. The weekend fun awaits.

Fire Island
The Serial Hobbyist Girl on YouTube

Although this destination isn't in the city and it's definitely more of a trek (around two and a half hours away from the city), Fire Island needed to be included on this list. It's a great spot for a weekend getaway if you want switch things up.

This island doesn't have any cars, so you there's no need to worry about traffic — you'll truly feel at peace. There are no paved roads, either, so you can leave your sneakers behind. Explore the island by walking or riding on a bike, and relax the afternoons away chilling on the sand.

You'll get to discover the best of both worlds in NYC when you embrace the city life and then retreat to a nearby beach. This city is a travel destination that has so much to offer.