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Why #TeamCarryOn Will Make You Never Want To Check A Bag Again

by Kristin Corpuz
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I'm on a plane close to every week, and one thing I've learned through my travels is that #TeamCarryOn is the way to go. Over time, I've discovered the benefits of a carry-on, and I don't think I'll ever travel any other way. I love that only packing a carry-on gives me so much flexibility when I travel, and I feel like I'm able to be more mobile while I'm on the road.

Don't get me wrong — traveling with just a carry-on can be challenging at times. Organizing all of my clothes to fit can be difficult, and pushing my suitcase into the overhead bin can be quite the task. But despite those minor hurdles, nothing compares to having the freedom of only bringing a carry-on while I travel. I never have to wait at baggage claim, I don't have to worry about paying any extra fees when I arrive at the airport, and I'm generally a faster traveler because of it.

Now that I've gotten in the habit of just traveling with a carry-on, I know I will never be able to hit the road any other way. Here are nine reasons why you should consider the #TeamCarryOn life too.

You Don't Have To Wait At Baggage Claim

Regardless of whether I'm arriving at or departing from a destination, all I want to do is to get out of the airport and on my way. If you can relate, you know waiting at baggage claim can put a serious damper on your post-flight groove. Whenever you just bring a carry-on, it means you can walk straight off the plane to start your activities in your destination.

You Learn How To Become A Light Packer

Only bringing a carry-on means I've learned how to pack more concisely. If you tend to overpack, getting into the habit of traveling with a carry-on makes you stick to the essentials. I love having the size (and weight, if I'm on an international flight) restrictions to keep my overpacking tendencies in check.

You'll Save Money On Baggage And Overweight Fees

Even though checking a bag may not be super pricey, if you travel as much as I do, those fees really start to add up. Packing in only a carry-on means you don't have to pay the fees for checked bags (and worse, the fees for overweight bags).

There's No Risk Of Your Suitcase Getting Lost

If you've ever thought about your checked luggage getting lost on a connecting flight, you're not alone. Although it hasn't happened to me (knock on wood.), I know I'd be wrecked if my suitcase were to ever get lost. Traveling with a carry-on takes that worry away because you have your luggage right there with you.

All Of Your Essentials Are Readily Available

No matter how many times I travel, I still have trouble figuring out which things should go in my carry-on suitcase and which should go in my personal bag. I love that carrying on my luggage means I always have everything I might need readily available. Sweater? Check. iPad? Check. Random pair of shoes that are way comfier than the ones I'm wearing? You bet.

It's Easier To Travel Between Cities On A Longer Trip

When I travel, I try to loop a bunch of different cities together. Journeying with just a carry-on makes it easier for me to bounce between cities and extend my trip as long as I want to. Especially in Europe and other places where some roads and sidewalks are cobblestone, it's easier when you don't have to worry about lugging around a larger suitcase.

You Can Snap Cute #OOTD Pics Even After You've Walked Past Security
Kristin Corpuz

I love snapping airport pics before I board the plane, and posing with a trendy carry-on suitcase makes the pic even better. Although this is just an added benefit of carrying my suitcase with me through the airport, it's definitely one of my favorite perks.

Traveling Generally Gets Faster

I'm usually an impatient person as it is, but I grow especially impatient when I'm traveling. Oftentimes, how much I'm able to see when I'm traveling is all about how much I can keep up the pace, and only bringing a carry-on with me allows me to move at the fastest pace possible.

Once You Do It, You May Never Want To Check A Bag Again

Now that I've gotten into the habit of traveling in just a carry-on, it feels totally unnatural to do it any differently. I've even been able to convert a few of my friends to #TeamCarryOn, and they swear they'll never travel any other way now.

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