MJ in Matt James' season of The Bachelor.

Twitter Is Getting Sus Vibes From This 'Bachelor' Contestant

ABC/Craig Sjodin

It's no secret Matt James' season of The Bachelor has had its fair share of drama. But Queen Victoria isn't the only person who's getting roped into the controversy. MJ Snyder got into some of the arguments during the Feb. 1 episode, even accusing fellow contestant Jessenia of "putting [her] character into question." Still, there's plenty more to know about the contestant beyond all the dramz. So, who is MJ from Matt's Bachelor season? The 23-year-old certainly has fans talking.

Originally from a small island in Lake Erie, MJ describes herself in her official ABC bio as "a beauty expert who sees the beauty of life in all that she does." MJ currently works as a hairstylist in Hudson, Ohio, and her professional Insta bio notes that she specializes in "lived-in color" and hand-tied extensions.

MJ's personal Instagram reveals that, outside of the salon, she's a big fan of the outdoors. There are plenty of shots of her on boats and beaches, most recently during a Florida getaway.

In terms of her love life, MJ says she's looking for a "fiercely loyal" guy who will respect her independence and not be a source of unnecessary drama. ABC added that "once she enters The Bachelor bubble, we don't think Matt will have any trouble keeping her on his mind."

Unfortunately for MJ, she ended up being on Matt's mind for not-so-great reasons. After largely existing on the periphery of the season, she became involved in a major argument with Jessenia following claims of bullying in the house. In an effort to get to the bottom of the situation, Matt spoke with several of the women, and Jessenia told him MJ had used the phrase "varsity versus JV" to describe the rivalry between the "original" contestants and the new women who arrived during the Jan. 25 episode. She even went so far as to call MJ an "antagonist" of the house, a vibe that Twitter users are definitely picking up on.

MJ denied those accusations when Matt confronted her about them in the Feb. 1 episode, and had some serious beef with Jessenia as a result. "Clearly someone's threatened by me," she told the camera. "I deserve an apology." Jessenia refused to apologize to MJ for her comments, prompting Matt to set up a two-on-one to work out problems between them.

"I have never been more hurt in my life," MJ said, while Jessenia argued that she's seen three different versions of MJ: the version of herself she is with Matt, the other women, and on camera, respectively. "Some childish sh*t is going on, and I'm not gonna put up with this kinda behavior," MJ told her.

The Feb. 1 episode ended before viewers could see what happened on their tense date with Matt, but the drama on his season is clearly here to stay.

Season 25 of The Bachelor continues Monday, Feb. 8, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.