Jessenia and Matt James in The Bachelor.

Let's Discuss How Jessenia Got Stuck With 'The Bachelor's Dreaded 2-On-1 Date

ABC/Craig Sjodin

No Bachelor Nation contestant wants to end up on a 2-on-1 date. It's pretty much exactly what it sounds like: Two contestants go on a date with the lead, and (typically) only one stays. They're usually paired together on the date because there's been drama between them in the house, and in Matt James' season of The Bachelor, that particular drama is between Jessenia Cruz and MJ Snyder. The former hasn't had as much screen time up until now, leaving many fans to wonder who Jessenia is on Matt's Bachelor season.

First of all, Victoria and Catalina aren't the only queens on Matt's season. Jessenia competed in lots of pageants in her home state of Texas, even winning Miss El Paso in 2016. "There are no words that could describe how amazing this moment felt," she wrote on Instagram, at the time. "My year as Miss El Paso is one I'll never forget. I have learned so much about myself, and with the support and guidance of those closest to me, I have grown immensely, and I know I will continue to grow."

These days, the 27-year-old keeps busy as a social media marketer in San Antonio. Her Insta is filled with pics of her wearing trendy outfits and being a dog mom to three pups. It makes sense, then, that her official ABC bio emphasizes that her dream man must love dogs.

Jessenia describes herself as a "true romantic" who is looking for a man who will keep life exciting and unpredictable. However, Jessenia's hopes of finding true love with Matt were thrown into jeopardy after her fight with MJ in the Feb. 1 episode. The drama began when Matt spoke with several women to get to the bottom of the drama in the house, and Jessenia told him MJ had used the term "varsity versus JV" to pit the "original" contestants against the women who arrived during the Jan. 25 episode.

After Matt confronted her about being an "antagonist," MJ was pretty pissed, especially when Jessenia refused to apologize for making those accusations. So, Matt set up a 2-on-1 to work things out between them, but the Feb. 1 episode ended before viewers could see what actually went down. One thing is for sure: Jessenia's bound to deal with even more drama before the season is done.

Season 25 of The Bachelor continues Monday, Feb. 8, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.