This Bachelorette Party Planning App Changes The Game For You & The "I Do" Crew

Listen up, bridesmaids and best friends of a bride-to-be, because I have some news for you. Right now, you may be feeling a little stressed out trying to plan a bachelorette party. You might be keeping track of a bunch of email chains, group chats, and payment requests for plane tickets. It's a lot to have on your plate, because you want everything to be perfect. But thanks to the BACH party planning app, you can put down your laptop and massive spreadsheets, and say "yes" to having an epic weekend.

You can close the unlimited number of tabs you have open in your browser, and start daydreaming about the Instagram pictures you're going to get instead. You can spend your time shopping at the mall for a cute outfit or two for the casinos in Las Vegas, or a neon green bathing suit for the sandy beaches in Miami. Oh, and you don't need to worry about telling everyone what time the boat cruise starts on Saturday afternoon or reminding the bridal crew there's only three days left until the adventure begins.

It's all taken care of in one collaborative, efficient, and effortless spot: the BACH Party App. It's specifically designed for the epic parties that are exhausting to plan, but #necessary and extremely fun to have. Let's get into the details behind this cool app, shall we?


Simply put, the BACH app changes the game when it comes to planning a bachelorette or bachelor party. It addresses the complex parts and annoyances of the process that make you and the rest of the bridal crew want to say, "Ugh!" For example, it eliminates the back-and-forth in the group chat about what excursions you're going on, and answers any and all questions about whether the hotel has a pool. The awkward texts to one of the bridesmaids asking for her share of the suite reservation or matching "I Do" crew T-shirts? Consider those texts cancelled.

At your fingertips is everything you need for organizing the group and getting your plans in order and making sure you have a trip you'll never forget. According to the official press release, the app gives you the ability to share a detailed itinerary with multiple people and chat with the members of your group. It even allows you to keep track of and split the expenses from the trip, so nobody is picking up the weekend's entire tab. What more could you ask for? It beats me.

In addition, the app gives you suggestions for activities and experiences you may want to try, but hadn't yet heard of in the area you're traveling to. So, you can book a blowout or ride a couple of dune buggies without having to track them down on the Internet first. According to the press release, all of the activities you can scroll through are "curated for groups and led by local experts."


The app is currently only live in four cities that are really popular for bachelorette and bachelor parties: Miami, Las Vegas, Nashville, and Charleston. So head on over to the app store and download the BACH Party app for free, so you can take advantage of everything it has to offer. Invite your friends, tag their Instagram handles, and get the party started.

It may come as a surprise to you, but planning a dreamy trip doesn't have to be stressful. It doesn't have to require spreadsheets, confusion, and lots of notifications in the a group chat. This app will teach you that and let you say "yes" to having the most epic weekend.