The Baudelaires Finally Meet Lemony Snicket In 'Series Of Unfortunate Events' Season 3


The series of unfortunate events that the Baudelaire orphans have been put through is about to come to an end, but first, they will finally come face-to-face with the man who has been telling their story from a distance this entire time. In the newly-released full A Series of Unfortunate Events Season 3 trailer, the Baudelaires come face-to-face with Lemony Snicket for the first time, so expect the new season to change all the rules.

Season 3 of A Series of Unfortunate Events is also confirmed to be the show's final season, and the trailer makes that clear. The new footage reveals Count Olaf assembling all of the Baudelaires' enemies from the past two seasons to team up against the children, specifically Esmé and Jerome Squalor and Carmelita Spatz. But the orphans have a new ally as well — the trailer introduces Allison Williams as Kit Snicket, narrator Lemony Snicket's sister, who will be pivotal in guiding the Baudelaires through the final chapter of their adventure.

The trailer introduces a handful of other new characters as well. Even Count Olaf fears his new villainous allies, The Man with a Beard but No Hair and The Woman with Hair but No Beard, and New Girl star Max Greenfield pops up in a quick shot opposite himself — he will be playing triplets Dewey, Frank, and Ernest Denouement in the final season.


But the real shocking moment of the new trailer came at the end, when the Lemony Snicket gets out of a car and introduces himself to the Baudelaire orphans. Up to this point, Snicket has appeared only in narration cutaways as he told the Baudelaires' story, but Season 2 revealed that he is actually much more involved in the Baudelaire parents' past and the mysterious V.F.D. than the children knew.

Check out the full A Series of Unfortunate Events Season 3 trailer below:

As avid fans of the A Series of Unfortunate Events books can tell, the show's third and final season will encompass the last four book's in Lemony Snicket's series: The Slippery Slope, The Grim Grotto, The Penultimate Peril, and The End. The trailer includes clips from each of these stories — the wintry mountaintop of The Slippery Slope, the underwater submarine chase from The Grim Grotto, and the Hotel Denouement is the setting of The Penultimate Peril — but the trailer notably does not include any clips that can be specifically identified to being from The End. The final book in the series is mostly set on an island, and it looks like fans will have to wait until the season premieres to see how it will look.

A Series of Unfortunate Events Season 3 will consist of only seven episodes, with two each devoted to The Slippery Slope, The Grim Grotto, and The Penultimate Peril, and one final super-long episode devoted to The End.

Prepare to have all of your Series of Unfortunate Events questions finally answered when its third and final season premieres on Netflix on Jan. 1, 2019.