Eddie (David Giuntoli) on 'A Million Little Things'

Eddie's Mystery Is Unraveling Quickly In The New 'A Million Little Things' Promo

ABC/Jack Rowand

The writers of A Million Little Things love a good mystery, and Season 3 is digging into a big one: the question of who hit Eddie at the end of Season 2. The hit-and-run accident left Eddie paralyzed, and now a person from Eddie's past, Reverend Stewart, keeps popping up near Eddie. The A Million Little Things Season 3, Episode 3 promo shows that fans might finally get some answers about how Reverend Stewart factors in Eddie's mystery.

Warning: Spoilers for A Million Little Things Season 3, Episode 3 follow. When A Million Little Things returned for Season 3, audiences learned that Eddie (David Giuntoli) survived his accident and that Alex's dad, Reverend Stewart (Gerard Plunkett) was on the scene when it happened. He called 911 and then drove away, which left fans wondering exactly if (or how) he was involved with the accident. Since Eddie was with Reverend Stewart's daughter Alex the night she died, there's a chance the Reverend is trying to now trying to get back at Eddie.

In the promo for Season 3, Episode 3, Eddie's wife Katherine (Grace Park) looks at security footage from outside her home and notices a red pickup truck parked. She notes that the car that hit Eddie was also a red pickup truck. It seems like she's going to realize that driver who hit Eddie might not be finished with him yet.

Since Reverend Stewart also drives a red pickup truck, there's a lot of evidence that points to him being the mystery driver. But, series creator DJ Nash hinted to Us Weekly that it might not be that obvious. "Who hit Eddie is part of the mystery we’ll be following," he said. "Some may feel it’s the drunk guy at the bar. Some may think it’s Alex’s dad or somebody else altogether."

Reverend Stewart has stopped by Eddie's house a few times already this season. First, he watched Eddie and Katherine's vow renewal ceremony from his parked car, and then he rang the doorbell and met Katherine and Theo (Tristan Byon) at the end of Season 3, Episode 2. In the promo for Season 3, Episode 3, Reverend Stewart and Eddie finally meet face to face again, so it looks like fans will get some answers about how he was involved in the accident and what exactly he wants from Eddie now.

Season 3 of A Million Little Things continues on Thursday, Dec. 10, at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.