Gary on 'A Million Little Things'

Gary Is In A Downward Spiral In The 'A Million Little Things' Episode 11 Promo

ABC/Jack Rowand

There's a saying that sometimes things need to get worse before they can get better, and that's what seems to be happening with one beloved TV character right now. When the second half of A Million Little Things began on Jan. 23, audiences found Gary in a pretty dark place after his breakup with Maggie. And judging by the A Million Little Things Season 2, Episode 11 promo, things are still going downhill.

Warning: Spoilers for A Million Little Things Season 2, Episode 9 "The Kiss" follow. Gary (James Roday) was the one who chose to end his relationship with Maggie (Allison Miller), but that didn't make the breakup any easier on him. When audiences caught up with him in Season 2, Episode 9, they learned he's spent three months stewing in anger and sleeping with random people after the split. Things even got dangerous for him; in a few scenes, Gary screamed at cars that sped through stop signs, which finally led to one driver pulling a gun on him. Gary managed to leave the scene safely, but that moment was definitely a wake-up call showing Gary is teetering on the edge of some very dangerous behavior. It looks like just might go off that edge in the next episode, because the Season 2, Episode 11 promo includes a clip of Katherine (Grace Park) saying Gary's been arrested. You can check out the promo trailer below:

The promo also hints at some rising tensions between Gary and Eric (Jason Ritter), which have been bubbling for quite a long time. Gary suspected there might be more than just a friendly connection between Eric and Maggie. Nothing happened between them while Gary and Maggie were dating, but Eric and Maggie did share a kiss at the end of last week's episode. The promo shows Gary getting pretty upset about Eric getting closer to Maggie, and even more upset about the shady vibes he's been getting from him. Since it was revealed Eric doesn't have a scar, even though he claims to have had heart surgery, Gary might be right about Eric being a little untrustworthy. It looks like it's all going to come out in the next episode.

Season 2 of A Million Little Things continues on Thursday, Jan. 30, at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.