Best Organic Face Moisturizers

Be Kind To Your Skin — And The Earth — With These 6 Organic Face Moisturizers

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A dependable moisturizer is the foundation of a well-rounded skin care routine. And if you’re especially cautious about the ingredients in your skin care products, it doesn’t get much more dependable than a truly organic face cream. The best organic face moisturizers have been certified by trusted, third-party organizations that monitor and uphold their own standards for organic cosmetics labelling, like NATRUE and the USDA — as opposed to products that merely claim to be "natural," or contain a couple of organic ingredients but don’t pass any organizations’ rigorous standards. And of course, they’ll all do what face creams do best: Leave your skin feeling soft, supple, and strong, both immediately and over time.

Finding your best organic moisturizer mostly depends upon your skin type, preferred consistency, and planned use for your face cream (there are more ways than one!). Oily or combination skin types do best with oil-free lotions that rely on lightweight hydrators, like hyaluronic acid and squalane; while drier skin can handle thicker textures, and can really benefit from nourishing, fatty acid-rich oils. If you’re into multitasking, pick an all-purpose balm that can target dryness both above and below the neck. Or, if in doubt, pick the one that J.Lo uses. (Words to live by, as far as I’m concerned.)

From luxurious emulsions to ultra-gentle salves, scroll on to shop the six best organic face moisturizers you can get on Amazon.

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Best For Oily Skin

This oil-free moisturizer from Naturopathica is formulated specifically with oily and combination skin in mind. Rather than rich, occlusive moisturizers, it harnesses lightweight ingredients like squalane, aloe vera leaf juice, and hyaluronic acid for a refreshing burst of hydration. Meanwhile, Alpine willow and rosemary extracts — which the brand says have natural antiseptic properties — help balance excess oil production, so it’s an extra-safe choice for breakout-prone skin.

  • ECOCERT certified
Best For Dry Skin

If your skin is on the drier side, pick up this Pai moisturizer. It’s packed with rich, nourishing (but non-greasy) oils that parched skin craves: Like jojoba, avocado, and borage seed oils, all packed with essential fatty acids that help bolster your skin's natural barrier and leave it feeling plush and dewy. A touch of lactic acid in the formula gently polishes the surface of your skin for added radiance.

  • Soil Association certified
Author's Pick

If you’re into organic skin care (and your budget allows), you can’t go wrong with any of Tata Harper's Vermont-grown products. But I’m really excited about this Water-Lock Moisturizer, the newest addition to the brand’s line of luxe face moisturizers. As the name says, it imparts and locks in hydration using a brilliant mix of richer emollients and lightweight ingredients, like shea butter, hyaluronic acid, and soothing calendula. This also works beautifully as a hydrating, breathable makeup primer, since the peptides in the formula help create a smooth, glowy canvas.

  • ECOCERT certified
The Fragrance-Free Balm

Lots of Amazon reviewers originally purchased this balm from The Honest Company for their babies’ diaper rashes, acne, and other skin concerns — for which it’s technically formulated — but ended up using it on their own, adult skin. The ultra-gentle formula is made without any added fragrance (either naturally derived or synthetic) or essential oils, so it's a great choice for people who are either allergic to those ingredients, or would simply rather avoid them. Because the consistency is so rich, it’s best used as a spot treatment for soothing rashes, burns, eczema patches, or any other areas that are especially sensitive. But if you’re intent on slathering this miracle balm all over your face, try thinning it out with your favorite lightweight face oil to make it more spreadable.

  • USDA certified
The Cult-Favorite Salve

No list of organic face creams would be complete without the cult-favorite Weleda Skin Food. This ultra-rich, all-purpose cream is a standby for professional makeup artists (celebrity MUA Katie Jane Hughes uses it for her signature dewy complexion). Admittedly, some people find it a little too thick for allover use on their face, so, like with the balm above, you may prefer to apply this on dry patches only. Another clever use for Skin Food? Use it as a lip mask like dermatologist Dr. Shereene Idriss does. Note that the formula contains fragrance and essential oils, in case you’d rather steer clear of those ingredients.

  • NATRUE certified
The Luxe Rose Cream

This Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream saw a surge in popularity when Jennifer Lopez dubbed it her go-to moisturizer. But it’s long been a fan favorite, as evidenced by its 1,000+ five-star ratings from Amazon reviewers, many of whom are self-described loyalists. (One Amazon reviewer reported that they’ve been happily using this cream for over 30 years.) In here, rose — the headlining ingredient — appears in its water, extract, and wax forms to hydrate and tone skin, offer anti-inflammatory benefits, and impart a light, floral scent. The consistency is on the heavier side, but it absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave behind a greasy residue, so it can work for most skin types.

Heads up: This contains peanut oil, so avoid this if you have a peanut allergy.

  • NATRUE certified
Honorable Mention

Juice Beauty hasn't yet been certified by a third-party organization that monitors organic product labelling, hence why it earns “honorable mention” status here. But their products are made with ingredients harvested from the brand’s own, USDA-certified organic farm in Sonoma County, CA, so you’re still benefiting from organically grown ingredients.

And there’s a lot to benefit from in this potent moisturizer. It’s packed with a proprietary blend of vitamins, fruit stem cells, and antioxidants, which may be able to help combat environmental damage and enhance your complexion’s overall glow. Meanwhile, shea butter and jojoba oil do the moisturizing work (and expertly, at that). This is best applied at night, which gives all the actives in the formula time to work their magic.

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