Best Insulated Tumblers
The 6 Best Insulated Tumblers


Due to their vacuum-insulated stainless steel interiors, the best insulated tumblers can preserve the temperature of your beverage for hours on end, hot or cold. There's no shortage of options out there, either — but how do you know you're buying the best one for you? There are two primary questions you'll want to ask yourself: How big of a tumbler do you want, and what do you plan on using it for?

Insulated tumblers or to-go mugs come in a wide range of sizes, and all of them are measured in fluid ounces. Some are offered as small as 8 ounces, while others come as big as 40-plus — but most of the best-selling options fall somewhere around 16 to 20 ounces. To find the right size for you, factor in how much coffee, water, or other drink you'd like on hand. (For reference, a Tall Starbucks coffee is 12 fluid ounces, and it's recommended that you drink about 74 to 101 fluid ounces of water per day.) Keep in mind, however, that the bigger the tumbler, the heavier it'll be.

Of course, you can put whatever liquid you want in there, but the overall design and included accessories might make your tumbler better-suited for one beverage over another. For example, a tumbler with a straw works well for water or iced drinks, while a tumbler with a slider is great for sipping hot beverages. For the accident-prone and commuters, consider leakproof lids. Some brands even come with multiple lids so you have more options.

All of these top-rated tumblers are vacuum insulated and made with stainless steel to keep your beverage at the optimal temperature for hours. That said, they come in various sizes, designs, and lid options to best suit your needs.

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The Overall Best Insulated Tumbler

With more than 70,000 reviews, the YETI Rambler is easily one of the most popular options on Amazon when it comes to stainless steel, vacuum-insulated tumblers. Reviewers have given it a 4.8-star overall rating and some have written that it's "worth every penny" because it's "over-engineered for maximum insulation." Plus, it has an anti-crack outer coating as well as a BPA-free, dishwasher-safe design. The lid even uses the power of magnets to prevent your water, coffee, tea, beer, or anything else from spilling, making it the best all-around pick for most shoppers. Choose from a huge range of colors, too.

  • Size: 20 ounces
  • Available colors: 19, including Black, Brick Red, Graphite, and Stainless Steel

One reviewer wrote: "I have been using this for three months and can say without equivocation that it's the best tumbler I've ever had. Does it keep my coffee hot? Oh yeah -- for hours! Is it durable? Absolutely -- unbreakable, undentable, completely stainless. Is it easy to clean? Takes a few seconds."

The Best Insulated Tumbler With A Straw

For those who want to use their tumbler for iced drinks or water, the Simple Modern classic travel cup is the way to go. For one, it keeps your drink chilly for "days," according to one reviewer. And another reported: "I also accidentally left half an iced coffee WITH CUBES in here for 9 hours and when I came home the cubes were still there." For another, it comes with two lids: one flip lid which is splash-proof (perfect for hot drinks), and another with a straw (and two straws are included). As you can see below, this to-go cup is offered in a ton of different colors, including solids, glitters, and ombré patters.

  • Size: 16 ounces (also available in 12, 20, 24, and 28 ounces)
  • Available colors: 45, including Carrara Marble, Wood Grain, and Simple Stainless

One reviewer wrote: "It's beautiful. Not only that, but the interchangeable tops and [two] plastic straws!!! I'm so excited to be saving the whales and looking amazing in the process."

A Tumbler & Mug In One

Can't decide which type of tumbler is best for you? Thanks to the Bearclaw, you don't have to — use this one for any and every beverage you drink. This insulated tumbler comes with two lids (one for hot beverages and one for cold drinks), not to mention an unbreakable stainless steel straw, a brush that cleans inside of it, and a slip-on handle that turns your tumbler into an easy-to-carry to-go mug.

  • Size: 20 ounces (also available in 10 and 30 ounces)
  • Available colors: 11 including Deep Purple, Hot Pink, and Snow White

One reviewer wrote: "I thought you had to pay big bucks for a big name to have a good tumbler. NOT SO! This one came with everything. No need to have to buy a la carte. [...] I am so happy with my purchase that I would recommend to EVERYONE (and I have been)."

The Biggest Option (That's Still Practical)

The BEAST tumbler holds up to 40 liquid ounces at once — but since it's thinner towards the bottom, it still fits in your hand and inside most standard cup holders. That way, you won't need to get refills every few hours. Each order comes with a slide lid, two straws (one curved and one straight), and a cleaning brush. Most importantly, it preserves the temperature of your drink for hours.

  • Size: 40 ounces (also available in 20 and 30 ounces)
  • Available colors: 17 including Blossom Pink, Matte Black, Navy Blue, and Stainless Steel

One reviewer wrote: "It seems pretty durable and well made, no complaints there. It's pretty big but still fits in my vehicle cupholder. Cleaning is easy, I just toss the cup and lid in the top rack of my dishwasher every night. After 6 months or so there is no noticeable wear."

The Best Leak-Proof Tumbler

For people who have a tendency to spill their drinks or want to toss their to-go cup straight into their bag, the Extremus is marketed as "the only leakproof tumbler." It comes with two different lids — a push-button travel lid with an attached carabiner and a chug-style lid for water — and both of them screw on and are lined with silicone to prevent leaks. The tumbler is also triple-insulated to preserve the temperature and dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup.

  • Size: 30 ounces (also available in 20 ounces)
  • Available colors: 6 including Black Ops, Brick Red, Glacier White, and Simple Stainless

One reviewer wrote: "Yep, it is leakproof. The pushbutton system does the trick nicely. I've got my mug upside down right now on a paper towel and the towel is dry after several minutes. [...] Beats many high-end by matching function and winning on price."

The Best Wine Glass Tumbler

The shorter, curved shape of the BrüMate Uncork'd tumbler mimics that of a stemless wine glass. As a result, it's great for wine or cocktails — and it'll boost convenience with its stainless steel insulation, durable exterior, and splash-resistant to-go lid. You can get it in a wide range of gorgeous designs, too.

  • Size: 14 ounces
  • Available colors: 16 including Aqua, Blush, Charcoal, and Glitter Peacock Violet Ombre

One reviewer wrote: "This will make the perfect pool-side companion for my summery cocktails! Not only is this beautiful to look at, but it is amazingly functional as well. It keeps my cold drinks cold and my hot drinks hot...I can't wait to use it with hot chocolate by the bonfire this fall!"