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These Super Fun Group Games Were Made To Be Played Remotely

by Daffany Chan

Getting together with your friends for game night is easy when you can all meet up at someone's house, but it becomes a little more challenging when you can't all get together. Thankfully there are still plenty of ways you can have fun and challenge each other from afar. To get started, you'll want to check out some virtual games. From Words with Friends 2 to Drawful 2, here are the six best group games to play remotely.

Of course it's always nice getting to together with your friends IRL, but with everyone's busy schedules, it might not always be possible. That's where remote games come in. Even if you can't all get together on a video chat to replicate game night, you can at least sign into a game on your phone to play a few rounds with your pals.

1. Words with Friends 2

Words with Friends 2 is both fun to play and boosts your word skills. You'll go against a friend in this one-in-one challenge, taking turns to create words in the crossword-puzzle style board. You can download Words with Friends 2 for free on iOS or Android.

2. Drawful 2

Drawful 2 is the perfect way to keep in touch with your buddies. In the game, you'll be challenged to use your creativity and draw things like a "creepy tiger" or "two moms having a great day." You can easily get a game of Drawful 2 started remotely on your computer, and it's also available for download on iOS.

Jackbox is offering Drawful 2 free as Steam codes through April 11, which you can use on your PC, Mac, or Linux. The Steam code is available in the Jackbox shop, in the Steam store, and in the App Store for Apple TV. Since the promotion is only available while supplies last, you'll want to grab it ASAP.

3. Best Fiends Stars

Best Fiends Stars is an exciting puzzle game with adorable characters. You'll team up with your pals to collect stars and unlock the fallen treasure. It's the perfect challenge for adventurous souls. You can download the game for free for iOS and Android.

4. Scrabble Go

You can play the game you know and love online with Scrabble Go. You can easily start games with your Facebook friends and express yourself with chat emojis and phrases. This social game is available for free for iOS and Android.


5. Psych!

Psych! is a fun party game that'll keep everyone on their toes. Each player will make up fake answers to real trivia questions from different categories, and you'll need to try to figure out the real answer amongst all the fakes. Psych! is available for free on iOS and Android.

6. Quiplash

Quiplash is a hilarious game with no rules or "correct" answers. You'll answer prompts like, "Something you'd be surprised to see a donkey do" and battle against other players to see who can come up with the wittiest response. Quiplash is selling for $4.99 with a Steam code (originally $9.99), which you can use on your Mac, PC, or Linux. You can also find Quiplash for $9.99 if you have iOS.