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These Converse Alternatives Are The Affordable Spring Shoes You'll Wear Every Damn Day


Converse sneakers epitomize carefree, casual style with an indie undercurrent. Plenty of icons are known for wearing them — and the shoe is a bit of an icon in its own right. But, if you’re on a budget or want a shoe with actual support, they may not be your best bet. The best Converse alternatives have a similar laidback flavor that can be found in wallet-friendly price points and foot-friendly builds.

You can find affordable options ranging from breezy low-tops to sporty ankle-hugging sneaks. Choose from classic colors like black, white, and red or go bolder with faux leather or whimsical prints. There are also waterproof options that are low-key, stylish alternatives to rain boots.

If you’re in the market for shoes like Converse but more comfortable — meaning they offer noticeable arch support or a roomier toe box for wider feet — the options become a tad pricier but are well worth the cash, especially if you plan to wear them often. There's even a podiatrist-recommended choice below with shock-absorbing foam insoles all wrapped in a cool canvas upper that the original is known for. You can also always opt to add a cushy insert to a more affordable pair, and you'll find a great orthotic option here as well.

From budget-conscious pairs to statement high-tops in bright colors — and everything in between — these are the six best Converse alternatives.

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A Pair Of Low-Top Sneakers That Fans *Love*

Backed by more than 12,000 Amazon ratings, these budget Converse alternatives come with a canvas upper, cap toe, and metal eyelets over a white rubber sole. A stripe on the outsole that stops just short of the toe feels particularly on point. "Comfortable and cute for a lot less," one fan raved. "I’ve worn them a couple of times for 8-10 hours," they reported. For an even more budget-friendly alternative, consider these distressed low-top sneakers that already look like they were broken in at band practice.

  • Available colors: 11
  • Available sizes: 5 — 11
The Fashion Girl’s Converse Alternative In Faux Leather

These cute Converse alternatives are made from synthetic leather for a slightly more elevated look that still has downtown charm. The outside is all classic low-top with a cap toe and rubber sole (with a black accent stripe), while inside is an extra layer of padding for hitting the pavement. Most styles feature faux leather, but you'll find a few canvas options in the mix and some even have a metallic stripe. "Living in a big city and wearing white shoes can be a bad combination, but with the leather exterior, they're easy to wipe clean. I also love that they look just like Converse, but they don't have any sort of big label," one reviewer remarked. "I walk several miles every day for my commute, and these are great...This NYC girl approves!"

  • Available colors: 8
  • Available sizes: 5 — 11
These Podiatrist-Recommended Kicks With *Great* Arch Support

For people who crave extra cushioning and support that Chucks just don’t offer, Dr. Diane Koshimune, DPM, singled the Taos brand out in an interview at Well + Good for making a canvas shoe with great arch support that those with flat feet will particularly love. They boast a low-top canvas upper, plus metal eyelet laces over a thick rubber sole. Inside is a deep removable foam footbed that hugs the foot with three points of dedicated support for the ball of the foot, arch, and heel. Even the bottom of the insole is optimized for comfort, featuring small circular “pods” that absorb impact with every step. "Love these sneakers. They look like Converse but offer much more support," one shopper with plantar fasciitis wrote. "Super comfortable and stylish." Choose from options in canvas, fabric, and even synthetic leather.

  • Available colors: 40
  • Available sizes: 5 — 12 (regular and wide)
The Best Converse-Inspired High Tops For The Money

You can't leave out the classic high-top sneaker, and this pair boasts an ankle-hugging canvas upper, a protective cap toe, metal eyelets, and a white rubber sole with a stripe. Some shoppers reported that the toe box had even better wiggle room than the originals. "I wear them all the time, and they're still in good shape 9 months later," a fan wrote of their durability. This pair comes in classic solids, plus plaid, and faux sherpa for those about to rock on the wild side.

  • Available colors: 9
  • Available sizes: 5 — 11
These Waterproof High Top Rain Shoes Available In A Ton Of Fun Styles

These waterproof Converse alternatives are made from PVC for puddle-stomping capabilities matched with a stylish high-top design. The interior has a light layer of bonded cotton to absorb sweat, and the laces are fully adjustable (not to mention, easily replaceable). On the bottom you'll find a slip-resistant rubber sole for steady footing on wet pavement. "These are actually wider and are super comfy," one fan wrote, comparing these favorably to original Converse. "I wore them on a trip without having to break them in. No pain at all. Plus all the dirt and water just slides off." You can even score them in low-top kicks as well as some combat-style rain boots, and in a range of colors and prints, so your feet always stay dry in style.

  • Available colors: 22
  • Available sizes: 5 — 11
A Luxe Converse Alternative In Sleek Leather

The Cole Haan Grand Crosscourt II is a luxe alternative to Chucks. It features a streamlined low-top profile with laces and a chunky contrasting sole in ultra-nice materials. A buttery leather upper is an upgrade from canvas, with a soft fabric lining that absorbs moisture and a cushy insole for comfortable support. The EVA foam sole is light as air and absorbs shock from pavement-pounding, with strategic rubber placed at the heel and toe for traction in wet weather. "I always wear vans and converse. However, I've been long looking for something a bit more stylish, but that was versatile and comfortable- these are just what I was looking for," one convert raved.

  • Available colors: 5
  • Available sizes: 5 — 11
Also Nice: A Comfortable Insole For Adding Arch Support To Converse-Style Shoes

Converse kicks are not known for their cushioning, and there are entire articles dedicated to podiatrists' loathing for the style. Have your Chucks and wear them, too, by adding an orthotic insole with arch support. This best-selling pair has racked up over 33,000 ratings for its high arch support and deep heel cup that cushions, supports, and stabilizes in just about any shoe. Made from EVA foam with moisture-wicking material over the top and a silicone layer sandwiched in between, they'll be comfortable and long-lasting. "These insoles fit in all of my shoes. I’ve worn them in boots, booties, slippers, dress shoes, running shoes, Converse. I’m half way tempted to glue them to my feet...They are THAT much of a game changer," one reviewer gushed.

  • Available colors: 3
  • Available sizes: 6 — 16.5