These Are The Suede Brushes You Need To Keep Your Shoes & Accessories Looking Fresh

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Suede is commonly used in footwear, furniture, and accessories, but the delicate leather can be susceptible to damage. The best suede brushes typically contain one or more types of bristles that effectively buff out stains, scuffs, and stiffness. You'll generally want to opt for a brush with soft, flexible bristles made from materials like nylon or boar to gently clean the material. But if you're looking to tackle more stubborn dust or soften stiff suede, choose a brush that incorporates brass bristles, too. The best suede brushes are easy to hold — they come in rectangular-shaped versions that fit in the palm of your hand, or ones with longer handles that provide extra grip and leverage as you scrub.

Some suede brushes come with other built-in tools to tackle different cleaning tasks. Alternatively, some brushes are packaged as kits with additional tools like suede erasers to lift debris and stains; crepe brushes to re-fluff the suede; liquid or foam cleaners to use along with your brush; and spray-on water repellents to keep water damage at bay.

From an under-$10 fan favorite to all-in-one suede cleaning kits, read on for the best suede brushes on Amazon. While many of these are geared towards shoe care, they can be used to clean other things made of suede like furniture, too.

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1. A Fan-Favorite Suede Brush

With over 6,000 ratings on Amazon, this four-in-one suede cleaning brush is perfect for tackling the nooks and crannies of boots and other footwear. It features nylon bristles for gentle cleaning, a welt surface for tougher stains, a rounded edge for cleaning around corners, and a thin protruding edge for hard-to-reach crevices. While some have reported that the handle is short, others have claimed that it offers a sturdy grip — so it may be a matter of preference.

Promising Amazon review: “Effective and efficient. It took very little time and minimal effort to completely restore [my] suede boots!”

2. A Classic Brush With Gentle Bristles

If you're looking for a really gentle brush to spruce up your suede, this Jason Markk Premium Shoe Cleaning Brush is a great place to start. Designed for use on the most delicate suede, this simple brush skips out on some of the more rigid brass bristles of other brushes and only features hog bristles. One fan described it as “soft yet firm enough to clean. It is the perfect brush!” It also has a smooth, sturdy walnut handle.

Promising Amazon review: “The soft bristles really help for more delicate shoe materials, whether it’s mesh, suede, or soft leathers."

3. A Suede Brush & Eraser Set

Simple Shine's suede brush and eraser set includes two rectangular brushes — one nylon-brass combination brush and one rubber crepe brush, which can be used to gently restore the suede's texture — along with a separate eraser tool. Reviewers report that the items work like “magic.” According to the manufacturer, the cleaning kit can be used for both gentle and deep cleaning.

Promising Amazon review: “I didn't realize I needed this so much until it rained the other day and I was wearing my suede boots. Yikes!! As soon as I got home I ordered the kit and received within a day or two. The brush and eraser worked perfectly to clean up my boots from the rain spots that landed on them.”

4. A Suede Cleaning Kit With An All-In-One Brush

Alloda's shoe cleaner kit comes with a four-sided, rectangular brush with three different types of bristles, plus an eraser tool for removing grease stains. One fan raved, “The brush is so useful and gets the job done. The best thing is that it’s all in one. You don’t have to buy 3 separate brushes for the different bristles.”

The manufacturer recommends the soft boar brush for gentle cleaning, and firm nylon bristles for more vigorous cleaning. When you need to tackle the most stubborn stains, try the extra-firm brass brush. While the multipurpose brush is the star of the show in this kit, it also comes with a foam cleaner and microfiber cloth for extra cleaning power.

Promising Amazon review: “I like this shoe cleaning kit a lot. It has everything I need to keep my shoes looking clean and fresh. The four sided brush is a lifesaver in itself. It’s way more functional than just your conventional one-sided shoe cleaning brush. The foam liquid cleaner is a solid cleaner in itself. It cleans effectively and has a nice scent to it. The included lint-free rag is a great tool to use in the final stages of cleaning. Everything is kept nice and organized with the included carrying case. I would definitely recommend this shoe cleaning kit.”

5. A Suede Cleaning Kit With Water-Repellant Spray

This Gear Aid kit includes water-repellent spray (great to prepare footwear for rain!), suede cleaner, a rectangular brush, and an eraser. The liquid cleaner, along with the brush and eraser, remove dirt and scuff marks, and the water-repellent spray reportedly prevents stains from forming. Although it is unclear what materials make up the brush, the manufacturer describes it as "soft-bristled." Reviewers rave that the kit “works great” on their suede, and one fan even claimed that “the brush and eraser alone was worth the price of the kit.” While the products were designed for boots, reviewers have reported that they work well on other suede products, too.

Promising Amazon review: “I have lots of suede shoes. This stuff keeps them looking great. The cleaner and brush work well and have removed any marks I've collected. The water repellent is easy to apply, just spray it on after your cleaned shoe has dried.”