5 Frizz-Fighting Shampoos & Conditioners For Smoother, Healthier Hair

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As someone with frizz-prone hair who lives in a tropical climate where humidity is the norm, I've had to do a lot of product-testing to figure out the best shampoos and conditioners for frizz. While frizzy hair works for a lot of people, my hair naturally dries into an unruly, uneven pattern instead of waves or curls, though I've found that using the right products in the shower can make a big difference. Ahead, I share the best shampoos and conditioners I've found that combat frizz, dryness, and generally hard-to-manage hair.

But first, a few tips on how to find a frizz-fighting hair product that works. As far as shampoos go, avoiding sulfates is a good idea, since there is some evidence that they can be drying, which can lead to increased frizziness and dried-out curls. In terms of conditioners, you'll want to use something that offers heavy-duty moisture, which is the key to keeping your hair smooth and soft. If your hair is naturally dry or coarse, you might want to consider using a hair mask in place of conditioner, since hair masks are basically just amped-up versions of conditioner anyway.

Also, reevaluate the rest of your hair care routine. Avoid using hot tools whenever you can, since hair that's been damaged by heat (or chemicals) is more susceptible to frizz. Try using an oil and/or leave-in conditioner on your hair when it's damp, and find a serum or lightweight spray that you can use on dry hair to smooth flyaways. Some hair stylists suggest investing in a microfiber towel to dry your hair, while others recommend sleeping on a silk pillowcase: both of these soft materials can eliminate frizz by preventing friction.

Now that you're armed with a few tips on how to prevent frizz, check out five great smoothing shampoos and conditioners you can buy online.

The Overall Best Shampoo For Frizz

Though this shampoo certainly fights frizz, it also does a whole lot more to keep your hair healthy and protected in the long-term. Enriched with antioxidants that help prevent damage from environmental aggressors, like free radicals and UV rays, the formula also contains a host of botanical ingredients that work to leave hair smooth, shiny, and soft. R+Co's Bel Air Smoothing Shampoo also helps promote a healthy scalp, which in turn, promotes healthier hair. Free of sulfates, parabens, and other common irritants, this shampoo is safe for use on color-treated hair and sensitive scalps.

"Highly recommended if you have frizzy wavy hair," one reviewer writes, while another calls it the "Shampoo of the frizzy haired Gods."

Best Drugstore Shampoo For Frizz

Though L'Oréal's EverPure Frizz Defy Shampoo was created specifically to combat frizz, I find their EverCreme Deep Nourish Shampoo to be the better option for frizzy hair that's dry or coarse. The sulfate-free formula is packed with hydrating oils that soften and condition hair, while it also helps repair damage and enhance silkiness. Considering its drugstore price, it's a pretty impressive formula. Plus, the apricot scent smells delicious.

One reviewer, who calls it the "best shampoo ever," writes, "I have a really thick hair with lots of frizz that I do keratin treatment for. This shampoo made the frizz go away and it made my hair very soft."

Another fan says, "Great for curly hair that tends to frizz when dry. I've found it makes hair better nourished over time with consistent use. One of my few favorites."

Best Conditioner For Frizz

Enriched with a delightful blend of plant-based ingredients, this conditioner was created specifically for frizz-prone hair that's thick and/or wavy. Not only is the formula loaded with heavy-duty moisturizers like shea butter, coconut oil, and Amazonian cupuaçu butter, but it also contains a handful of botanicals you don't often see elsewhere, like pistachio seed oil and passiflora extract. All of these ingredients combine for a conditioner that smooths, softens, and detangles, which enhances definition and makes hair easier to manage. It also helps keeps hair protected from environmental factors (like weather and pollution) that could lead to frizz. Reviewers say it "smells like cake," but note it's "not too perfumey," either.

"I'm a biracial woman with fine-textured curly/wavy hair. My hair is naturally very dry, frizzy, and prone to breakage," writes one reviewer. "This line makes my hair look amazing — I have tried high-end salon products that cost 2x-3x more that don't do half of what the Frizz Defense line does."

Best Deep Conditioning Mask For Frizz

If you have hair that's thick, dry, and frizz-prone, you might want to consider replacing your conditioner with a deep conditioning mask. And you don't have to have had a Brazilian Blowout to enjoy this deeply nourishing treatment from the professional brand. Best suited for hair that's been dyed, chemically-treated, or is just generally coarse and unruly, the nutrient-rich formula works to reduce frizz, promote shine, and strengthen weakened hair. With each use, hair will stay soft and silky until you wash it again. If your hair is on the thinner side, be careful to only use a small amount, as it might weight it down.

"Can’t live without it. My hair is slightly wavy. This product tames it like nothing else I have ever used!" raves one fan. Another says, "This product turned my hair instantly into silk."

Best Bundle

For a tried-and-true option that's affordable to boot, you can't go wrong with Pantene's smoothing shampoo and conditioner. Using a blend of avocado and argan oils, the drugstore favorite fights frizz for up to 48 hours. Achieve sleek, Pantene commercial-worthy locks with this moisturizing formula that also helps soften hair and increase shine. Plus, the two ginormous bottles — each of which contains a whopping 25 ounces of product — will last you months.

"It's the only thing that tames my frizzy hair," says one longtime fan, with many other reviewers echoing the sentiment. Another customer writes, "I’ve realized that with Pantene, I use less product to get the same outcome as with other salon products."

Also Great: This Professional-Level Leave-In Cream That Smooths, Protects, & Hydrates

Olaplex is one of the most highly-favored brands by hair stylists because of its professional-level results. Focusing on quality over quantity, they only make a handful of select products that work very well — and their No 6 Bond Smoother was designed to keep hair smooth and strong. It's a leave-in cream — apply it on damp hair — that keeps hair soft and frizz-free for up to 72 (!!!) hours. That means long-term silkiness and less flyaways for days. Anyone can benefit from this leave-in treatment, though for those with hair that's been dyed or chemically-treated, it's practically a must-have.

"I have a problem with flyaways and damage from dying my hair blonde. This product makes my hair look so healthy and it also seems to give it volume as well. Best styling product I have ever used," says one fan.

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