With These 5 Brushes, Your Foundation Might Just Pass For Air-Brushed

With so many products on the market, choosing the proper tools for flawless makeup application can be a difficult process to navigate. As you prepare to execute your makeup routine, the application of your foundation can be one of the most crucial steps. Whether you choose to use liquid, cream, or powder as a base, having the one of the best foundation brushes for full coverage will help to ensure a streak-free look and a flawless finish.

Much like most cosmetics staples, the best makeup brushes come in a wide variety, offering enough functionality to suit just about every need. With that said, there are several things to consider when deciding on the proper brush for you. Shape, size, bristle composition, and even handle construction can all play a major role in the finish of your foundation. For example, using a brush with an angled shape will allow it to hug the contours of your face, making for a more precise application around your nose and mouth. Meanwhile, a dome-shaped brush with more densely-packed bristles will give a polished and smooth appearance.

When it comes to selecting a bristle type, you'll likely want to choose a synthetic product over one with natural fibers. Not only are synthetic brushes less expensive and easier to clean, but they're also typically cruelty-free and unlikely to cause allergic reactions in people who may be prone to adverse effects from pet hair or animal dander.

Depending on your needs, these brushes can help you improve your full-coverage foundation application in no time flat.

The Best Overall, All Things Considered

This Real Techniques set features three essential base tools for flawless facial application — but the foundation brush is arguably the best part. Made with hand-cut bristles, this nifty little kit's brush packs quite a powerful punch all in itself. Its soft bristles allow for the precise application of cream and liquid foundations alike, offering dense coverage with a professional finish. The brush is also 100 percent cruelty-free, lightweight, and easy to use. Throw in the incredible price tag and the fact that it comes with a travel case, and it's no wonder this has a 4.4-star rating.

The Budget-Friendly Option

Streaky makeup is an unfortunate reality when you're using the wrong brush for your base. That's where the Vela Yue brush comes in to save the day. The tool's domed head features dense, short bristles that will give a seamless finish whether you're using liquid, cream, or powder formulas. Since it's 100 percent vegan, cruelty-free, and only $10, Amazon reviewers seemingly can't stop raving about its bang-for-buck value.

The Best Foundation Brush For Precise Application

Beauty Junkees's angled brush is a definite must-have for applying full-coverage foundation around the contours of your face — especially around the eyes, nose, and mouth. This product's vegan bristles work well with liquid, cream, and powder foundations to blend and smooth makeup to your desired density.

The Best Brush For Liquid Foundation

Made with exclusive SigMax fibers, this foundation brush offers a flawless, buffed application that lasts and lasts. Although the brush may seem like a more pricey option when compared to some others, it could actually end up saving you in the long run. This tool's bristles do not absorb, resulting in the use of less product, therefore making your liquid foundation last longer. The bristle fibers are also hypoallergenic and antibacterial, which reduces the chance of unwanted breakouts.

It's definitely a great choice across the board. However, it's important to note that while it works seamlessly with liquids and creams, the Sigma Beauty Flat Kabuki brush doesn't work well with powder products.

The Best Brush For Powder Foundation

Dozens of Amazon reviewers have raved about this Tarte Cosmetics foundation brush's soft, durable bristles which spread product quickly and evenly, giving you a flawless, full-coverage base in just minutes. The brush’s large, dense size and unique bamboo handle make it an optimal choice for applying powder foundations, although it can also handle liquids with just as much ease.

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