5 Long-Lasting Eyelash Glues For People With Allergies, Dark Hair, And More

Even the fullest, featheriest falsies are only as good as their ability to stick, which is why investing in one of the best false eyelash glues is so vital. But it's important to know that not all of them are created equal. Depending on your eye makeup preferences and any sensitivity issues, not to mention the amount of lashes you're looking to glue on, you'll want to choose between brush-on applicators and tubes, as well as latex-free, waterproof, clear, white, or pigmented formulas. Where latex-free formulas are especially beneficial for anyone with eye sensitivities, waterproof formulas are ideal for those who easily tear up — whether it be the product of the wind or yet another heart-wrenching, tear-jerking episode of This Is Us. What's more, by being able to choose between the way you actually apply the glue, you can target individual lashes or full strips, in addition to having the option of getting closer to your lash line without having any formula seep into your eye; These are all very important things to consider when trying to take your lashes to the next level.

To help you determine which product is right for your personal needs, ahead, I present to you to the five best false eyelash glues Amazon has to offer.

This Cult-Favorite, Latex-Free Lash Glue

Formulated to last all day long, this clear-drying glue will ensure that your lashes stay put for whatever your day has in store. Latex-, gluten-, sulfate-, and BPA-free, this lash glue is known to be one of the most gentle adhesives on the market. What's more, the handy brush applicator makes it one of the easiest to apply, too.

This Super-Affordable Waterproof Lash Glue For Dark Tones

Point blank: Teary-eyes aren't a good match for glued-on falsies, unless of course you prepare for the waterworks with a waterproof lash glue. This waterproof adhesive will be your greatest ally when looking for something that lasts. Unlike many lash glues, this tube of easy-to-apply adhesive dries dark and blends seamlessly with your lashes and eyeliner, camouflaging excess in the event that you apply a little too much.

This Strong-Hold Lash Glue That's Gentle Enough For Sensitive Eyes

Fast-drying, fragrance-free, and gentle enough to use on even the most sensitive of lash lines, this glue is a top choice for anyone who experiences regular allergies. Thanks to its medical-grade, formaldehyde-free formula, this brush-on adhesive can be used for individual lashes or full sets and will last for four to five weeks.

This Clear Glue That Blends Well With Naked Lash Lines And Dark Liners Alike

When you have light lashes and don't wear much eyeliner, you may be hesitant to try a tinted formula, but at the same time, you don't want clumpy white glue to give away your secret — that's where this clear lash glue comes in. Designed to dry quickly and blend seamlessly with your lashes or any eyeliner you decide to draw on, this water- and sweat-proof formula is an invisible hero.

This Individual Eyelash Extension Glue That'll Last Forever

If you're tired of applying false lashes daily, but love the extra volume and length they add, it may be time to invest in this ultra-long-lasting eyelash extension glue. As a professional adhesive, this glue lasts for eight to nine weeks, ensuring that your lashes stay in place for not days, not weeks, but the months to come. And, to make this glue even sweeter, the formula is formaldehyde- and latex-free, meaning that it's gentle enough for even the most sensitive eyes. Just remember that, since this glue has such a long staying power, it's advised to use it with a professional for the best results.

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