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This $8 Yoga Strap Will Help You Make The Most Out Of Your Practice


My favorite yoga instructor always says, "When you're practicing, props are an extension of your body" — and the best yoga straps on Amazon are no exception. While you can use a tie or a sock in a pinch, these specially designed straps really do bring your home practice to the next level. That said, a quick Amazon search reveals that there are literally hundreds to choose from, and at first glance, they all look pretty similar.

As with any yoga prop, safety should be your top concern. Pick a strap that's durable and allows for the utmost of control. (Especially when you're working on flexibility, you should be able to enter and exit the pose mindfully and without slipping.) That's why you should always look for tightly knit, nonelastic fabrics. The buckles should also be safe, and D-ring buckles are an excellent option as they're sturdy, reliable, and easy to fasten. You can also opt for a strap with loops, which is great for stability and tracking your improvement.

Before you purchase a strap, you should also check the length. Most options are around 6 feet long, but especially tall yogis might benefit from ones that are 8 or 10 feet. Most other factors (like color and design) are about personal aesthetic — but if it's pretty, you'll probably enjoy using it even more.

Regardless of your height, flexibility, and favorite color, these are the four best yoga straps.

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The Overall Best Yoga Strap For Most People

The Tumaz yoga strap is Amazon's best-selling option with an incredible 4.9-star rating. Why? For one, it's designed for safety and comfort, since its welded D-ring buckles and tight-knit fabric can support more than a ton (2,379 pounds to be exact) of weight. For another, it's available in more than a dozen different colors, including dual shades, to personalize your practice. Finally, it's offered in three different lengths to suit tall and short yogis alike.

  • Lengths: 6 feet, 8 feet, and 10 feet

One reviewer wrote: "I heard that this was the best of the best and it IS. Very sturdy and beautiful color. The length is perfect. I am very impressed by the affordable price AND the quality of the product. I will definitely be buying more."

The Best Value Set For The Beginner

For those looking to start a well-rounded, supported home practice, the HLPD set has you covered. Each order comes with a 8-foot nonelastic cotton strap with metal D-rings and two dense EVA foam blocks — and it costs less than $20. (The blocks are lightweight and easy to incorporate into your practice, but they're still odor- and moisture-resistant for longevity.) Currently, this set is available in black, purple, blue, or pink.

  • Length: 8 feet

One reviewer wrote: "I cannot go out for outdoor yoga during this time, nor can I exercise and run outdoors. We started exercising at home and doing indoor yoga. [...] I also want to try to do some high Difficult to move, I need some auxiliary tools to make my movements more standard, and hope to add some new movements to it. This looks like an easy and inexpensive item that can be used to help me."

The Best Yoga Strap With Loops

Unlike your average yoga strap, this one from SANKUU utilizes loops instead of metal D-rings; this allows you to easily set up for and customize the intensity of your poses, since you can choose any of the 12 loops to secure your feet and hands. (It's also easy to keep note of your progress, as the loops act as a kind of measurement system.) That said, if you're looking for a more traditional experience, the backside is flat like a standard yoga strap. These are made from strong, nonelastic nylon, and they're available in five colors: black, green, blue, pink, and purple.

  • Length: 8 feet 2 inches

One reviewer wrote: "I use this every day at home, plus three times a week at physical therapy. I let my sister borrow it for yoga and Pilates, and she’s sold too!"

An Option In Unique Prints

For those who want a prop that's as pretty as it is effective, this Yansyi strap is unlike any other. Yes, it has dual D-ring buckles and 6 feet of nonelastic fabric that feels comfortable in your hands, but it's offered in three eye-catching patterns — all of which are colored with vivid, eco-friendly dye. They even come in an adorable round box for gifting or storage. However, a few customers noted that the silky material can get a little slippery in moist hands.

  • Length: 6 feet

One reviewer wrote: "You should love your tools for yoga...and I love this one. Colors and feel are welcoming. Glad I changed from my 'plain' strap to this beautiful one."