Best USB Charging Stations
The $18 Fan Favorite — & More Of The Best USB Charging Stations


Too many devices and not enough outlets? The best USB charging stations can save you time and space. Most people choose an option based on the number of USB ports they offer (you want to make sure you have enough to charge everything simultaneously for everyone in the house), but the type of port and the built-in protection measures are equally, if not more, important.

There are actually several types of USB connectors, but USB-A and USB-C are the most common. USB type A (the larger, rectangular plug you'll see on the end of most chargers) has been the industry standard for years, and as a result, the vast majority of USB charging stations offer these types of ports. USB-C, which is smaller and more rounded, can handle a lot more charging power, so some of the leading electronics brands have switched to this type of plug. However, an all-USB-C charging hub is difficult to find.

Finally, most of the top-selling options have special technology in place that manages the output of power. This protects your devices against overcharging and short-circuiting while also evenly distributing the power among the multiple ports. Scroll on for best-selling charging stations on Amazon that offer all of that and more.

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The Most Popular USB Charging Station

The RAVPower USB charger has more than 21,000 reviews and a near-perfect 4.8-star overall rating on Amazon, making it one of the most popular options available. It has six standard USB-A ports, all of which are protected against overcharging, over-heating, and short circuiting — and when multiple things are plugged in at once, the charging station automatically distributes power based on the needs of your devices. It's also compact and lightweight for portability.

  • Number of USB Ports: 6
  • USB Type: USB-A
  • Available colors: Black, Gray, Navy Blue, White

One reviewer wrote: "Best one we've got! We're a family with TONS of rechargeable gadgets! I've had some issues with another multiport in the past, but this RAVPower is excellent! [...] It's perfect for high power devices, and I love it!"

The Best Charger With USB-C Ports

If you have a wide range of charging needs (including USB-C devices), the AUKEY power strip tower is the best option. Yes, it has three standard USB-A ports, but it also has two USB-C ports as well as 12 AC outlets, which you can use for appliances or charging bricks. Plus, everything is protected against surges, overheating, and over-charging. The upright column is a space-saving design, while the LED ring lets you know your devices are charging.

  • Number of USB Ports: 5 (plus 12 AC outlets)
  • USB Type: USB-A, USB-C
  • Available colors: Black, Gray

One reviewer wrote: "This is my absolute favorite charging station. I have purchased 5 of these now and can not be happier. The new version with the USB-C ports is great — it fast charges all my USB-C devices and provides additional USB-A ports for legacy stuff. I will buy more of these as I need them!"

The Best Budget USB Charging Hub

Even though it has six USB ports with safe charging, this Seenda charger won't cost you more than $20 — no matter which stylish color you opt for. It has a space-savvy vertical design for use on your desktop or side table, and despite the affordable price tag, it puts out 2.4 amps per port. Reviewers report that it's not the most durable or long-lasting pick, but if you're looking for something cheap and simple, it's a "great buy."

  • Number of USB Ports: 6
  • USB Type: USB-A
  • Available colors: Silver/Black, Gold/Black, Black, Blue, White

One reviewer wrote: "Great product for the price. For anyone needing several recharging plugs this is an ideal and economical product. I will purchase another one for travel."

The Best Station With Dividers

The Vogek charging station features clear, adjustable dividers so you can store and organize your devices on top while they're charging. Plus, each order comes with eight various cables (four Lightning, two Micro USB, and two USB-C) so you can start charging your stuff right away while looking tidy — without having to purchase your wires separately. Get it in your choice of five different colors, all of which offer smart ID technology, and overcharge and over-heat protection for your devices.

  • Number of USB Ports: 5
  • USB Type: USB-A
  • Available colors: Black, Gold, Green, Iron Gray, White

One reviewer wrote: "Great compact charging station that has tidied up all the electronic devices and wires we have lying around! You can space the dividers as you need them."