Yogis, Rejoice: These 4 Supportive Yoga Mats Are All Under $30

Practicing yoga is all about peace and mindfulness, I know. But it's hard to feel centered when you look at the prices for basic yoga mats. That's why I searched Amazon to find mats that get the job done without breaking the bank. The best budget yoga mats are at least a quarter inch thick and offer sufficient cushioning and grip, keeping you comfortable and steady.

Of course, you'll likely have to sacrifice certain things when you're on a budget. In the case of yoga mats, this often means superfluous features like custom carrying bags, ultra-lightweight designs, and fancy patterns. But all yoga mats need to have ample cushioning to be comfortable — and they need enough grip to prevent you from sliding around. My picks below range in thickness, from 0.25 to 0.63 inch, but I read through the reviews to make sure all of them are thoroughly supportive with nonslip material to boot.

If you're prone to aches and pains, though, you may want to consider opting for a mat that's on the thick side. The drawback is that it can be more challenging to maintain your balance on a thick yoga mat, making it a better option for more gentle poses or stretches. A thinner mat is not only more compact to carry around but also tends to offer more stability.

Below is my final list of the best budget yoga mats. All of the selections are comfortable, grippy, and cost less than $30.

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The Most Popular

Dimensions: 71 by 24 inches

Thickness: 0.5 inch

What's great about it: With a whopping 24,000 reviews, this extraordinarily popular option is one of the best-rated yoga mats by far, especially given the price. It features durable, high-density foam for ample cushioning. It's water- and sweat-resistant, which cuts down on odor and makes it easy to wipe clean between uses. On top of that, the mat has a nonslip surface on both sides, offering grip regardless of which way you turn it. It's available in seven different colors and comes with a simple carrying strap.

One reviewer wrote: "I love it! I'm not a tiny person and yet it's firm enough to cushion, but soft enough to be comfy. I use it ripple side up and it isn't slippery at all....and, believe me, I'm sweatin'! [...] It's definitely better quality than I expected for the price."

The Best Thin Yoga Mat

Dimensions: 72 by 24 inches

Thickness: 0.25 inch

What's great about it: This top-rated Gaiam yoga mat — which boasts over 1,400 reviews — offers an excellent combination of durability and traction at an awesome price. It's thin and lightweight (aka easy to roll up and carry around), and constructed from soft, flexible material. Like the first pick, both sides of this mat are equipped with nonslip texturing so it won't slide around, and it comes with a convenient carrying sling. The wallet-friendly yoga mat is available in purple, gray, pink, and navy color choices.

One reviewer wrote: "Love this mat! No funky smell. Had great grip and stays in place. Very thin and easy to transport. Would highly recommend this for the price!"

The Best Thick Yoga Mat

Dimensions: 71 by 24 inches

Thickness: 0.63 inch

What's great about it: If you prefer a thick yoga mat that offers extra cushioning, this one from Spoga is a stellar choice. It's the thickest option on this list, making it ideal for people with conditions like arthritis or sensitive joints. It has extra density help provide more stability, along with a grippy, nonslip surface. Just note that the added thickness of this mat could make advanced yoga poses a bit more challenging. The durable mat, which comes with a carrying strap, is available in three colors.

One reviewer wrote: "I love the thickness of the mat! After I had my baby my joints were a little sensitive and my yoga mat was just not cutting it for my floor workouts. This mat is super supportive and keeps its cushion even when you're in the same spot for a long time. The only downside is that it is so comfortable you might decide to take a nap on it ;)"

The Best Straw Mat

Dimensions: 72 by 36 inches

Thickness: 0.36 inch

What's great about it: For folks who prefer the breezier, lighter texture of a straw mat, this cheap yoga mat is the way to go. It's wider than the other options by a full foot and it won't stick to your skin while you work out, according to the brand. The only tradeoff is that it's not quite as grippy or cushioned as a traditional mat. But, unlike regular yoga mats, it also makes a comfortable surface for picnics or beach days, so you can use it for lots of occasions.

One reviewer wrote: "This is a perfect mat for outings, it folds and rolls up easy and I love that it's made of straw and cotton."

Also Great: A Moisture-wicking Mat Towel For Hot Yoga

Dimensions: 72 by 24 inches

Thickness: 0.4 inch

What's great about it: If you're into hot yoga, this microfiber towel is a worthwhile add-on. A popular pick on Amazon with thousands of reviews, it's designed to be used with your yoga mat to sop up any excess sweat. At 72 by 24 inches, it's the standard size of most yoga mats, with soft microfiber material that wicks moisture and dries quickly. It's also antibacterial, anti-odor, and super easy to clean. (Just put it in the wash on the cold cycle). The cute yoga towel is available in eight different colors.

One reviewer wrote: "I do hot yoga about 3-4 days a week. If you're not familiar with it, you end up pouring sweat like crazy during your practice. Which is great, I love it, but you slip and slide all over your mat! So I looked for a good microfiber towel to spread over my mat. I bought this one about six months ago, and I have to say I LOVE it! [...] Great bargain at the price."