These 3 Zodiac Signs May Experience Heartbreak This Spring, But Try Not To Panic

by Cosmo Luce

Mercury has been in retrograde since March 22 and will be until April 15. This planet of chaos has already caused plenty of disruptions and breakdowns in communication. Chances are, you've probably felt this planet's presence in your love life already. Has your lover bailed on plans recently? Have texts gone unanswered? Have misunderstandings escalated into conflict? You might have Mercury to thank.

The zodiac signs that will experience heartbreak during Mercury retrograde need to know this pain, because all pain is actually a blessing in disguise. Hurting — especially when you are hurting for love — is a call to heal from the wounds of your past. It's also an opportunity to channel your anger and pain into art.

Whenever Mercury goes into retrograde, it teaches us important lessons about how we handle obstacles and disappointment. It's a chance to break old patterns and change what we are doing for our own self-growth. The zodiac signs that will experience heartbreak this spring experience it because they need to reevaluate what they are doing in their love life, so they can pursue their higher purpose and calling. When pain comes up, think of it as a part of your growth spurt. Find someone to hold hands with, and breathe.

1. Cancer (June 21 To July 22)

Cancer does not handle Mercury's changes well and usually responds to this season by retreating far into their shell for protection. In the process, Cancer might be shutting out other people who could help them through getting stuck in their feelings. If your lover feels shut out as well, a rupture in your relationship could ensue.

But if that does happen, know that it isn't your fault. You can't change the way you behave in the world; you will always be a crustacean, and that's fine. Mercury teaches us a lot abound boundaries: how to respect our own and other peoples'. If this season brings about an end to your relationship, it's because you need to learn how to construct better containers for yourself to protect yourself from maxing out and completely shutting yourself off from the world. And you need to find people to be with who can respect those boundaries.

2. Libra (Sep. 23 To Oct. 22)

Libra does not like when things are out of balance, but balance is exactly what chaotic Mercury sets out to destroy. Libra will probably experience enormous stress this season as they set to right the scales, only to have them topple again.

Libra also revels in luxury and basically wants the world to take it really easy on them. Under Mercury, they might feel deprived of the comfort they think they deserve. But sometimes, we have to be placed in really uncomfortable situations in order to pay attention to what's happening. Discomfort is a call for you to change what you have been doing and do something differently than what you would typically do. Maybe a little bit of heartbreak is necessary for Libra to hear the call.

3. Scorpio (Oct. 23 To Nov. 21)

Some lessons happen more quickly than others. As Scorpio evolves very slowly, Mercury's pressure can cause them to implode. Scorpio is less likely to get dumped this spring than they are to be the ones who initiate the end of a relationship. And if they do, it's probably because they felt like they were under pressure to change and lashed out in anger. In the process, they will end up hurting themselves more than the other person.

If the universe is calling on you to change, Scorpio, then it's because you are ready. The change is going to happen regardless of how much you can prepare for it. There's only so much you can control; loosen your grip, and revel in the release.