Your Nintedo Switch Setup Isn't Complete Without One Of These Hands-Free Stands

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If you like playing your Nintendo Switch in tabletop mode, then you need one of the best stands for the Nintendo Switch. These handy stands can extend your tabletop gaming sessions and give you the option to charge your device during use. Without one, you're dependent on the Switch's built-in kickstand, which blocks the USB-C charging port located at the bottom of the device and makes it difficult to play while charging.

Why Nintendo Switch Stands Are Great

  • They make travel gaming easier, transforming any flat surface into the perfect platform.
  • They minimize the risk of cord damage, as you won't need to prop or force the cables.

When you’re shopping around for a quality stand, keep your eyes peeled for one that boasts features that'll enhance both its tabletop mode and portability. You'll ideally want one with adjustable hinges for the best possible viewing angle. Another plus to have is a foldable design. It'll give you easy storage — especially if you plan on traveling.

To make choosing the perfect stand easier, check out my quick rundown of the best stands for Nintendo Switch currently available on Amazon. Then, peruse some of the best Nintendo switch cases while you're at it.

The Best Stand For Nintendo Switch, All Things Considered

You don't have to worry about potential damage with the Nintendo Switch Adjustable Charging Stand. Straight from the brand itself, this stand was designed to easily connect and charge your portable console in all modes. It features an adjustable multi-angle hinge that’s a vast improvement to Switch’s built-in kickstand. No matter how you position it, it'll securely stay in place. Plus, the USB attachment notch and rubber grips at the bottom of the stand provide additional security. The best part? This stand connects to your charging cable from the side and has a design that's similar to the official Nintendo Switch dock, so if you have any dockable case on your console — like the Skull & Co. Gripcase — you can play and charge without having to remove it.

What fans say: This product does exactly what it advertises and is far more sturdy than the small stand that's built into the Switch.

A Larger Stand With 270-Degree Rotation

The Lamicall Multi-Angle Stand is much larger than the Nintendo option, above. It's a massive 10-inch stand with 270-degree rotation, giving you more flexibility when it comes to positioning. And unlike other stands, you also get some additional height, which is a plus if you're playing on a low table or tray. Made with aluminum alloy, the Lamicall stand is lightweight and sturdy, boasting a robust design that's resistant to damage. Seriously, it has rubber pads with anti-skid protection on the grips to prevent any unwanted scratches.

What fans say: "A very, very convenient stand. It is a million times better then the kick stand that is on the NintendoSwitch because it allows the Switch to be placed in different angles as well as different heights."

A 2-In-1 Stand That Also Charges

If you never want to worry about running out of power, the Nyko Power Pak Kickstand is for you. The stand features an attached 5,000 mAh (milliampere-hour) battery to give your gaming console twice the battery life in tabletop mode. And here's what sets it apart: This one will actually charge your Switch on its own, making it a great travel companion. It also has a detachable cover for easy access when you need it as well as a charge indicator to notify you when it's ready to go. With this stand, you get double the playtime without the hassle of fumbling with cables — and you can easily recharge the Power Pak via the type-C cable that comes with it.

What fans say: "For the price you cannot beat it, the convenience of just flipping this on yes it does make the switch a bit heavier but it actually makes it bulkier and protects a fall a bit better."

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