These Compact Nintendo Switch Cases Will Totally Transform Your Gaming Experience

by Tiana Crump
Amazon/Elite Daily

If you're looking for more protection for your Switch, the best case for the Nintendo Switch will keep your gaming console completely safe.

With its uniquely portable design, you need a case that does more than just shield your Switch from the occasional drop or two. It should also safeguard it against water damage and scratches. Having the best case makes transporting all your games and accessories much easier, too.

There are two types of Nintendo Switch cases: smaller hardshell cases and larger travel cases. Both help prevent damage while on the go. Smaller hardshell cases usually only protect the base of the console, reducing shock from drops. These cases also tend to have minimal storage space (only enough for a few games). Larger travel cases, on the other hand, provide extra space to transport your console, dock, Joy-Cons, and lots of games. This type of case is ideal for traveling and transporting your entire setup. Nintendo Switch cases often come in a variety of colors, materials, and designs, too. So when you're shopping around for a case, you can choose the option that best suits your gaming needs and personal style.

To help, here's my list of the best cases for Nintendo Switch available on Amazon right now.

The Overall Best Case For The Nintendo Switch

Given its durable shell and ample storage, the Mumba deluxe carrying case is perfect. This case is heavy duty and designed with a sturdy EVA hardshell that's shock absorbent to protect against all drops and potential damage. It's also waterproof and scratch resistant. Plus, thanks to its built-in elastic strap, your gaming console will stay securely in place even if you forget to close up the case.

The Mumba comes with a detachable wrist strap that's ideal for travel. It'll easily fit inside any backpack or bag and provides ample storage with room to store up to 20 game cards, Joy-Cons, cables, and other accessories. For even better protection, it's also compatible with the Mumba Hard Case Cover.

What fans say: "This Mumba case decimates every other case out there in terms of style, quality and fitment. The center strap on the inside makes it sort of snug for the switch to not just fall out of the case. It holds more then enough games and it's able to store your power cord and extra controls. This is a true universal case that was crafted to perfection."

A Sleek & Stylish Case For Your Entire Nintendo Switch Setup

Also ideal for travel, the EMiO Carry Case for Switch is perfect for transporting all your gaming accessories (including your dock and accessories) in style. The roomy, sleek design is available in both red and gray duo-tones, and it'll store two pro controllers, 12 games, cables, a dock — well, pretty much all your Switch accessories. Here's the best part: You can even play while your Switch is still docked inside this hard canvas case.

What fans say: "This is a well made case, construction feels solid and so does the material it is made from. It is great for if you're wanting to take your entire Switch setup with you, as it holds the Switch, the dock, power supply, HDMI cable, extra Joy-Cons and/or pro controllers, and extra game cards."

The Most Affordable & Lightweight Switch Case

The tomtoc Nintendo Switch Slim Case is an affordable and lightweight option. It's made of EVA hardshell to prevent damage and, like others on this list, it's waterproof. Its slim design makes it easy to fit into any bag, but it doesn't skim on storage. It has a built-in storage sleeve capable of holding up to eight games, and it even comes with a bonus pouch to stash your adapters, chargers, or other small accessories.

What fans say: "This is one of the best Switch cases I have found! I wanted something thin, sleek, and protective. This accomplishes all of those. [Major plus:] It will fit with a silicone cover!"

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