Lavender bath bombs in a wooden bowl with lavender cuttings
Take Your Soaking Sessions To The Next Level With The Most Luxurious Bath Bombs On Amazon


Now more than ever, we need to be taking baths. Long, decadent, hot-as-hell baths. Other than absolutely not bringing your phone in there, the best luxury bath bombs can help turn your bath into a true sanctuary: A skin-softening, freshly scented, gently fizzy sanctuary. And in this scenario, “luxury” doesn’t necessarily mean “more expensive.” Rather, the bath bombs listed ahead use high-quality ingredients, subdued fragrances and colors, and very few synthetics (some are entirely natural). Most are made in small batches by independent companies, too. What you won’t find in these bath bombs is anything gimmicky, like hidden toys or prizes. The name of the game is refined luxury, here.

Read on to shop some of the best bath bombs you can get on Amazon to take your soaking sessions to the next level. To amp up the luxury factor even further, light a candle, pour yourself a glass of wine (or make a steaming cup of tea), slather on a face mask — and don't forget to turn off your phone. Taking a bath has never felt so luxurious.

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The Best "Natural" Bath Bombs

This Beauty by Earth bath bomb gift set contains bath bombs titled Just Relax, Joint Relief, Get Well Soon, Muscle Relief, Relaxing Detox, and Bedtime Ritual, so crack this open whenever you need some mental and physical healing. These small-batch bath bombs contain no synthetic additives whatsoever — not even a hint of faux fragrance or colors sneak their way into the formula — so they’re a good choice if your skin is on the reactive side.

The Best Bath Bomb For Dry, Irritated Skin

This oatmeal bubble bomb from Two Sisters is a more-fun version of your standard-issue oatmeal bath. I can’t say for sure whether it’s a dermatologist-approved replacement for an oatmeal bath if you have a skin condition like rosacea or eczema. But people with very sensitive and easily irritated skin confirm that this bubble bomb is calming and nourishing, and that its scent is more soothing than sickly. A few Amazon reviewers confirm that they’re safe for rash-prone kids, too. Hold this bath bomb under the running faucet rather than dropping it in your full tub, as you’d do with your typical fizzy bath bomb, since the bubbles are released under pressure.

The Best Bath Bombs For Acne-Prone Skin

If you’re hoping to get rid of body acne, it might help to try one of these bath bombs from Cosset, an independent bath and body company based in Salt Lake City, UT. In here, bentonite clay works to absorb excess oil and other acne-causing impurities, aloe and green tea provide soothing benefits, and milk proteins and mineral salt harvested from the nearby Great Salt Lake help soften skin. A set of six costs about $42 on Amazon, so they’re on the more expensive end of the spectrum. But at eight ounces each, they’re literally double the size of a standard bath bomb. You’re definitely getting your bang (or fizz?) for your buck.

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The world falls into two camps: bath people and shower people. If you’re joining me in the latter, you don’t need to miss out on the joy of the bath bomb — just get yourself a fancy shower steamer. These Rudy's shower bombs won’t transform your shower into a riot of colors and textures like a bath bomb will, but these essential oil-infused discs can approximate their aromatherapeutic effects. Place one on a shelf or ledge in your shower, let the steam release those essential oils, and relax in your DIY sauna. (I wouldn’t judge you if you fully laid down in there.) These steamers are handmade in Colorado by a Seattle-based barbershop, so you'll find scents like Oakmoss, Citrus, Lemongrass, and Palo Santo. Or, get the variety pack and try them all.