According To A Makeup Artist, Short Lashes Can Be Curled — & Here's How

by Masha Vapnitchnaia
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If you love the look of fanned-out lashes, curling them will go much further than a swipe of mascara alone. This is especially true if your lashes aren't super long to begin with. "The challenge I encounter the most when curling short lashes is being overly cautious not to pinch the skin," says Carolina Dali, a New York-based professional makeup artist whose clients have included Gisele Bündchen and Julianne Hough. So when shopping for the best eyelash curlers for short lashes, one option is to choose a partial curler so that you can reach every last lash, including the inner and outer corners of the eye, without any pinching or pain. Because partial curlers are so small, Dali adds that "you can really get in there and curl one section at a time."

If you still prefer a traditional, full-size curler, look for one with a spring mechanism that allows you to control how firmly you clamp down. Dali even recommends combining the two for the most oomph: "I always like to use two lash curlers when curling short lashes. Once I’m done curling all of the sections, I do one last curl with the full size lash curler in order to marry all the lashes together and give them a uniform curl," she says.

A lesser-known tool that also deserves to be called out among the best lash curlers for short lashes is a heated curler without a clamp, which is an ideal option if you have a phobia of pinching, or if you like the idea of being able to zero in on the base of your lashes so that you can swoop them up in more of a combing motion.

Below, you'll find three of the best eyelash curlers that are ideal for short lashes. And no matter which tool (or tools) you choose, you'll get the most volume and length when you pair it with one of these mascaras for short lashes.

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The Best Partial Eyelash Curler

Thanks to its smaller size, this stainless steel precision curler from Revlon can curl even hard-to-reach lashes, like at the inner and outer corners of your eyes, as well as giving you more control when curling shorter lashes. Dali calls partial lash curlers "amazing" because "you can really get in there and curl one section at a time." This tool has a narrow front plate, which makes it easier to clamp right onto the lash line as you work, and "doesn’t pinch your lid, like most do," according to one Amazon reviewer.

The Best Traditional Eyelash Curler

If working in sections sounds too time-consuming, this full-size curler will still give your short lashes a beautiful curl in one press. “I don't have many lashes and what I do have are short so it's hard to find something that works. This does,” one Amazon reviewer commented. The key to its design is the spring mechanism that gives you control over the amount of pressure you use, which in turn will help you avoid pinching your eyelids. In addition to being easy to use, one short-lashed Amazon shopper reported the curl it left behind will "last until [you] take the mascara off." It also comes with three replacement silicone pads.

The Best Heated Eyelash Curler

A heated lash curler has one big advantage: There's no metal clamp to deal with, which means less chance of breakage and lid-pinching. This one by Grande Cosmetics comes with two heat settings that get just warm enough to give your lashes a long-lasting curl, but not so hot that it'll cause any accidental burns or discomfort. Another great feature is the C-curved shape of its head, which makes to easy to get right up to the root of your lashes to sweep them in upward motions. Best of all, the wand is rechargeable (a USB cord is included); one charge will give you enough juice for up to two hours (aka weeks and weeks) of use.


Carolina Dali, a New York-based professional makeup artist