Ride Off Into This Year's Saddle Bag Trend With These 10 Super Trendy Picks

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I'm not usually one to get excited about the newest bags du jour. I have my black leather A.L.C. bag for everyday use and an oversized Madewell tote for when I need to carry my laptop — that's it! But the 2019 saddle bag trend has me wanting to expand my carryall collection for its throwback vibe and convenient design. After seeing fashion mavens including Kendall Jenner, Blake Lively, and Beyoncé rocking the trend, it's clear that it's not only back, but it's here to stay.

Dior has undoubtedly been the biggest high-brow champion of the style. For Fall 2018, the brand covered one such bag in strands of tiny little beads, with fringy strands hanging down for an especially cool effect. And at the Dior Homme spring 2019 show, mini saddle bags the size of wallets were worn in fanny pack style. While Dior's iterations boast a silhouette that looks like an actual English horseback riding saddle, not every saddle bag follows suit. In fact, most deviate from an amoeba-like shape, instead resembling a half moon or flattened oval. What defines the style is the fold-over flap, so fear not. You can definitely afford the trend and actually have tons of great options to shop. Check out 10 of the best options below.

Fresh AF

While I don't think I'd ever choose a white bag for my everyday carryall (I'm way too messy for that!) I would love to have this one for more special occasions. I love its silver buckle detail and streamlined design. Forget about white booties; white bags are where it's at.

Worn Out

This bag boasts a super simple design and soft, worn-in leather that looks like it would feel like pure butter. It's a bit more casual and is perfect for everyday use.

Mellow Yellow

Between its mini size and sunny yellow hue, this bag would make for the perfect accent for a fun night out. Pair it with an all-black look to really make it pop, or add some yellow into an already colorful outfit for something extra bright.

To Be Transparent

This is like the grown-up version of the PVC bag trend that overtook 2018. The midnight blue hue and perforated design give it an extremely elevated look but its price tag doesn't match.

Back To Black

My A.L.C. bag better watch out, because this simple black saddle bag is stealing my heart.

Wild Thing

Because animal prints will literally always be cool.

Ice, Ice, Baby

The coolest color and the coolest bag shape. It's a double win.

Fringe Benefits

If you like your bags to boast a lot of sophisticated design details, this mini bag might be for you. It features a leather tassel, gold metal ring, leather stitching, and different textures.

Chain Reaction

This bag features both brown and black accents, meaning it'll go with literally anything.

Make Me Blush

Another minimal design but in a beautiful rosy leather. What's not to love?