the best lake toys
The 17 Best Lake Toys

Make the most of your trips to the lake this summer with floats, games, and more. The best lake toys are easy to pack up and are a blast at any lake, whether you’re going on a family vacation or a friends-only trip.

If you’re looking to spend some serious time in the water, you’ll definitely want some type of float. Floats come in a variety of fun styles and sizes, from a one-person lounger for lazy afternoons or a massive unicorn float for parties and family fun. There are also tippy floats for playing chicken and ones that can be towed behind a boat.

If you want to get competitive, look for games that can be played in shallower waters. You can get an inflatable basketball hoop, floating beer pong tables, and even water-filled balls that can be passed around underwater. To keep the fun going once you dry off, you may want some games that can be played on land too. Waterproof balls can be tossed around on the beach or in the water, while Spikeball is best when played on sandy shores.

For fun-filled summer days you won’t soon forget, check out picks from this list of the best lake toys.

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This Magical, Inflatable Unicorn Float

Make your summer lake trips a bit more magical with this must-have inflatable unicorn float. The whimsical unicorn design is complete with a golden horn and a rainbow-colored mane and tail for a look that is sure to stand out. This float is big enough to support up to 400 pounds. It can be inflated with a cool mode hair dryer, a hand pump, or an electric pump. The fast valve system can be partially opened for filling, then once your day is done, the valve can be fully opened for fast deflating.

One fan raved: “Went to a lake house in North Carolina with a few girlfriends and had a blast with this unicorn. Easy to inflate and deflate and pack away. No cup holder but can buy a float cooler and tie it to handles on the neck of unicorn. Need a boat or dock to get up onto. Perfect for one or two girlfriends to tan.”

A Fun And Portable Game To Play On Shore

The game that's taken beaches and parks by storm, Spikeball is a beach essential for anyone with a competitive side. This set comes with a springy net and ball and is played by bouncing the ball back and forth between two teams of two. Great for all kinds of trips, it's quick to set up and break down, and easy to stash in the back of your car. If you're new to this game, you'll be able to get in on the fun quickly because this set comes with a rule book to help you get started.

One fan raved: “This is a very fun and active game for the lake or beach so you can cool off when you’re done playing. Teenagers and adults can figure it out quickly and seem to enjoy it. Need 4 people to play.”

This 2-Person Inflatable Kayak That Comes With Paddles

Paddle around and explore the lake in this inflatable tandem kayak. It's 10 feet long and can support up to 400 pounds. It also comes with two aluminum paddles, so you'll be ready to go kayaking right away. For this kayak to work well, you should blow it up all the way until it's very firm, which is why it's so great that it comes with a high-output hand pump. It also comes with a removable skeg, or fin, that can help you stay stable while paddling to prevent capsizing.

One fan raved: “I purchased 2 of these kayaks and they're perfect for paddling in lakes or ponds, not as fast as a hard shell kayak but they're more stable and almost impossible to flip.”

This Basketball Hoop Set That’s A Surefire Slam Dunk

Play ball without leaving the lake with this inflatable basketball hoop. Measuring over 3 feet in height, this hoop is great for both kids and adults, and it comes with a textured-grip basketball to help you nail those one-handed slam dunks. If you're using this on windy days, you may want to tie it off on a dock to prevent it from blowing away, but if the weather's mild, it can float freely on the lake. This basketball hoop also has reinforced seams and large bore valves, which make it easy to inflate and deflate.

One fan raved: “Haha! This is freaking Awesome! We don't have a pool, we have a lake. And the lake toys we had were limited (floatees, balls, darts, rings). This is everyone's favorite new toy. The basketball is heavy, like a real one (exceptional quality for a pool toy, and quite unexpected on my part) [...]"

A 2-Pack Of Budget-Friendly Floating Loungers

Soak up some rays and enjoy the cooling lake water with this two-pack of floating hammocks. Both floats have a classic cabana stripe pattern, and together they cost just $20. Measuring over 2.5 feet in length, they are made from vinyl with inflatable headrests and footrests, which offer support while allowing you to stay partially submerged. These floats are also great for traveling because when deflated, they can fold up to about the length and width of a piece of paper, making them easy to pack even in carry-on sized bags.

One fan raved: “Floating on our lake, we could not stop saying, 'This is the life!' so comfortable. It took a few tries to get on the floatee but once you got the hang of it, easy peasy.”

This Double Tube With A Built-In Cooler

Perfect for relaxing days spent sunning on the lake with a friend, this double tube can fit two people and also has a built-in cooler for snacks and drinks. The bottom of the tube is covered with mesh, so you can cool off in the water without falling through, and both sides have handles to keep you steady. The outside of the tube is lined with a rope, which can be tied on to a dock or clipped on to other tube lines if you want to make a party float. To keep you comfy, this tube also has two cup holders and two backrests to support you as you sun. I've had this tube for years and always have a blast floating on it down my local river.

One fan raved: “We love these for at the lake at our cottage. Actually have 3 of them for when the whole family is there.”

A Waterproof Football That Won’t Get Soggy

Whether you just want to toss the ball around on land or run a full game in the shallows, this waterproof football is the perfect pick for lakeside fun. It has a heavy-duty bladder and double-laced stitching, so it's durable enough to withstand dunking and long-lasting games. This football also has a special grip pattern, which helps you hold on to it even when it's soaking wet. Great for playing with kids and adults, it measures 9.25 inches, which is smaller than a classic American football.

One fan raved: “We used this football all summer on the lake. It's been thrown boat to boat and in the water all day. It doesn't get water logged like others and throws very well.”

This Towable Float With Three Seats

You may have tried tubing and waterskiing behind a boat, but have you tried hot dogging? This inflatable multi-person tube has a hot dog design and can be towed behind most boats. The tube seats three people and is fully covered in heavy-duty nylon, which helps protect it from scratches and punctures. The nonslip cushioned handles are easy to grip, and when you get this hot dog down to the lake, simply blow it up with the speed safety valve, which only allows for one-way air flow during inflation.

One fan raved: “We are a boating family that is now on our fourth or fifth hot dog! If you do not want all the kids on your boat, do not buy this. This is our most popular boat toy and the kids never want to get off. We always get waves and lookyloos all over the lake as we tow this toy. It is very sturdy, especially the three seater.”

A 2-Pack Of Floats For A New Type Of Chicken Fight

Take your classic chicken fight games to the next level with this pack of inflatable chickens. You're sure to have fun and a great laugh trying to stay on top of these tippy designs while facing off against a friend. A good size for both kids and adults, these inflatables can be blown up all the way for a harder game, or inflated a bit less for an easier time. Each chicken comes with two plastic handles to help you stay steady, and they both have comical chicken designs complete with gritted beaks and bandages.

One fan raved: “What a riot! This chicken fight pair was a blast at the lake with the adults! They really stand up to some big guys sitting on them too. Everyone thought it would be so simple to win the Chicken Fight, but it did take some skill and balance. Fun in the pool too!”

These Inflatable Log Rafts For Water Duels

If you're looking for another way to duel other than chicken fights, this two-pack of inflatable log toys is the pick for you. This set not only comes with two log floats that provide a fun stability challenge, but also two inflatable sticks that you can use to try to tip your opponent into the water. Both sticks have two handles, so to hold them, you'll have to grip the log float with only your legs, which is even harder than it looks. The floats have indented seats and they measure just over 4.5 feet, so both kids and adults can use them.

One fan raved: “We used our new pool toys yesterday for the first time and had great fun! Lots of laughing as we learned to float on the logs. Fighting with the “boppers” was fun, but so was sitting on the logs and racing each other.”

This Floating Beer Pong Table

Enjoy games of beer pong at the lake while staying cool in the water with this floating beer pong table. It has 10 cup holders organized in a classic pyramid design on either end, as well as extra cup holders around the sides for keeping spare drinks at the ready. Once you're done with your game, you can remove the cups and use it as a regular float to drift about the lake, drink in hand.

One fan raved: “Very good quality. I like that it came with 3 ping pong balls. It was alot of fun and a perfect addition to our trip to torch lake.”

An Inflatable Float That’s Out Of This World

Bring some other-worldly fun with you to the lake with this UFO lake float. It not only has a cool spaceship design that's sure to garner compliments, but it also has a built-in squirt gun for cooling off and blasting unsuspecting targets. This float is made from vinyl, has a 140-pound limit, and measures 45 inches. It has eye-catching blue and orange colors and is also available in a galactic fighter design, so you can build a whole fleet.

One fan raved: “I got one (each) for my two sons - age 9 and 13. They LOVE them. They have been used by my adult friends as well - no problems! Definitely suggest this as a fun pool / lake toy!”

This 6-Pack Of Foam Water Blasters

Start an all-out battle on the beach this summer with this six-pack of foam water blasters. These squirt guns fire streams of water and have a soft-yet-durable pool noodle design. To fill these blasters, simply put the nozzles in the water and pull back on the handle. You won't have to worry about losing these lightweight blasters at the lake, either, because they can float and have bright colors that are easy to spot.

One fan raved: “Fun at the lake or pool or backyard. Yes these are a bit smaller than some you may have seen, but they’re plenty powerful and great for younger kids.”

An Inflatable Bull To Test Your Rodeo Skills

Host your own rodeo at the lake this summer with this fun inflatable bull toy. Simply gather a few friends, have someone climb onto the bull, then you and your friends can use the outer handles to shake, twist, and turn the raft to try to knock the rider off. This raft is made from durable vinyl, but if one of the three air chambers does spring a leak, you can use the included repair patch to mend it. This toy is designed for adults and children 9 years and up, and it has a 220-pound weight limit.

One fan raved: “This is great for the pool or the lake. It is a constant source of entertainment for both children and adults. If on the lake I recommend attaching a rope or long bungee to it. Loads of fun!”

This Unicorn Float That Can Fit All Your Friends

Looking for another lake toy that's fun for the whole family? Measuring over 16 feet long and 11 feet wide, this giant unicorn float is designed to support up to four people at a time or up to 880 pounds. It's the perfect place to host a party because it's filled with fun features like a built-in cooler, four cup holders, and a mesh floor to keep you cool on hot days. To stay safe at the lake, you should use the included anchor bag, so you won't drift too far from shore.

One fan raved: “Was a blast at the lake! Super huge, and I now own 2! Can't wait for summer to be back.”

  • Available styles: 3
  • Available sizes: 4
This Weighted Ball You Can Pass Underwater

Rather than just throwing a ball around in the water like you would on land, this unique watermelon ball allows you to play games underwater too. Once you fill this ball using a garden hose or similar spout, it will have neutral buoyancy, so you can pass it underwater up to 10 feet deep. Grab some goggles and use this ball to play underwater catch, or start a game of underwater football with your friends. If you're swimming somewhere with a hard floor, you can even use this ball to dribble for a fun twist on basketball.

One fan raved: “I bought this for at the lake, it is awesome! The little kids love it, the teenagers love it and the adults love it. Very fun for all. The kids love the "dribbling" effect, and how it passes underwater.”

  • Available colors: 2
17: A Set Of Classic Pool Noodles

If you're looking for just a bit of support as you drift about the lake this summer, you'll want a foam pool noodle. This pack comes with five noodles in blue, red, yellow, and lime green colors, which are bright enough to easily spot from the shore. Each noodle measures 52 inches long, so they're large enough to give you some buoyancy, but small enough to pack in your trunk. These noodles have the traditional design with a hole through the center and can be used for everything including aerobics, noodle fights, or simply lounging under the sun.

One fan raved: “We love these things and take them with us to the lake every weekend. Great for floating around and bending into all shapes. Fun to play with too.”

Also Great: A Colorful Zinc Oxide Cream For Retro Fun

Add some retro fun to your summer look with protective Zinka cream sunscreen. First popularized in the 1980s, it comes in bright neon pink and teal colors. It's designed to be rubbed on your nose to protect against sunburns, but you can also use it on your cheeks for added protection. Made with zinc-oxide, it works as a powerful sunblock, and it's designed to stay on even in hot, windy conditions.

One fan raved: “In Florida, sunblock comes off as soon as you put it on because of the humidity. My kids love the fun colors and I know that Zinka will not come off at the beach or while playing soccer. Fun for the kids and mom approved!”

Also Great: This Electric Air Pump

If you bought some floats, it's because you want to relax at the lake, not spend your whole morning blowing them up. That's why this electric air pump is a must-have for ensuring summer fun. It has both home and car power adapters, so you can use it to blow up floats at a lake house or in your car. It also comes with three valve adapters that can be used on a wide variety of floats, such as inflatable boats, swim rings, blow up pools, and more. Once the sun starts to set, rather than squeeze the air out of your floats, you can use this pump to deflate them too.

One fan raved: “Bought this to blow up our air mattresses and floats for camping and swimming this summer. Absolutely no regrets! Plugs into my car charger and works like a dream. I love that you can use it to deflate too and get all that air out without having to squeeze and lay on things lol definitely comes [in ]handy. It also comes with a wall plug so that is awesome for inside as well. Highly recommend this air pump.”

Also Great: Slip-On Water Shoes

To keep your feet protected from sharp rocks, slippery algae, crabs, and more, pick up a pair of these budget-friendly water shoes. Crafted from polyester with a synthetic sole, they fit snugly on your feet while also providing a firm, textured base. These breathable shoes also come in a huge variety of colors and patterns, so you can match them to any beach outfit.

One fan raved: “Bought these to wear in the Lake Erie - full of rocks and sometimes mussels that are sharp. Protected my feet perfectly, very light weight, no fear of them falling off while swimming and boating. Also very good for walking down to lake through the woods with lots of rocks and sticks. Highly recommend! Will be keeping them for lake seasons to come.”

  • Available sizes: 3.5-4.5 Women/2-3 Men — 13.5-14.5 Women/12.5-13.5 Men