17 Clever Beach Accessories To Stock Up On Right Now

by Anne Loreto Cruz

As someone who grew up mere minutes from Southern California’s beach cities, I know a thing or two about maximizing your beach-going experience. The best beach accessories will make your life easier on beach days, whether it's by protecting you from UV rays or making it easier to lounge comfortably on the sand. Whether you plan on vacationing to beautiful far-flung beaches across the globe or keeping it local, these accessories have something to offer for every type of beach-goer.

If you’re just starting to build up your beach kit, you’ll definitely want to pick up a few extra-large towels that are soft enough to lounge on but still can soak up sea water when you need to dry off. Other beach essentials include a cooler full of drinks to keep you hydrated, sun protection items like sunscreen or a hat, and a lightweight, portable beach chair.

For those who’ve already checked umbrellas and coolers off their list, additional items like a first aid kit and a portable beach game will make you one of the best prepared beachgoers. While it may be too late for me to save my car’s upholstery from years of salt water and sand damage, you can avoid a similar fate by investing in a watertight wet bag or sand brush.

If you're ready to have the best beach day ever, check out these essential beach accessories, all of which are available now on Amazon

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A Misting Fan To Keep You Cool

This battery-operated misting fan can keep you cool all summer long with its soft flexible blades and quiet motor. Simply fill the bottle with ice water in the morning, and lightly spritz yourself throughout the day with the refreshing mist. The blades produce a gentle breeze and are soft enough to be finger-safe for little ones. Reviewers suggested bringing extra AA batteries with you for a long day at the beach or an amusement park, but they noted that it's otherwise a great gadget that’ll keep you happy during all sorts of hot summer activities.

One reviewer wrote: “These are great to have by the pool or at the beach. Fill with ice and water, and you have instant cool water to spritz on you at any time in the heat.”

This 2-Pack Of Luxurious Turkish Cotton Towels

A great beach towel should be soft to the touch but still able to absorb water to dry you off quickly. These Turkish cotton towels are both plush and absorbent, and have a cute design that you’ll want to show off too. The large 40-by-72-inch dimensions of the towel also make it easy to sprawl out on with a book. Reviewers also commented that these towels maintain their bright colors and texture, even after a whole season of regular use and washes.

One reviewer wrote: “This is a great beach towel! It is the size you want for a beach towel - big enough to spread out and lay on but not so big that you can't wrap up in it. All the kids want to grab these fluffy towels out of the pile.”

This Oversized Beach Towel With Sand Anchors

Anyone who’s had to chase their wind-swept towel across the beach knows the importance of keeping your lounging surface tied down. This lightweight beach blanket provides an elegant solution, and it comes with six plastic sand stakes that keep your blanket grounded. The oversized 107-by-77-inch area makes this blanket large enough to share, and it packs into a small bag for easy transportation. The water-resistant material of this blanket makes it great not only for beach days, but also for outdoor concerts, picnics, and more.

One reviewer wrote: “This is the perfect beach, outdoor, picnic, just-want-to-have-a-blanket blanket! Has held up through a toddler birthday party, a week at the beach, and countless outside afternoons. We have spread it out on top of wet grass and haven’t gotten our buns wet while sitting. It’s fantastic and machine washable! So cool that it has a zipper pocket and folds up into itself. Glad it comes with extra stakes—we will have this around for a while!”

A Brush To Keep Sand Out Of Your Car

If you’ve ever rinsed off your feet at the beach only to still find sand in your shoes or car, then you know that a sturdy sand brush can be a life saver. This brush works to remove both wet and dry sand from your legs and feet, and it has a wood handle and plastic bristles that’ll maintain their shape throughout multiple beach seasons.

If you’re lucky enough to experience both beach and snow days throughout the year, this brush also can remove snow from skiing or snowboarding gear before loading it into your car. Reviewers noted that this brush is small enough to stash in a beach bag or in your car’s side door, so you’ll always have it on hand when you need it.

One reviewer wrote: “This beach brush is very well made and the bristles do not hurt your skin. It is perfect for getting all that pesky sand off quick! No more sand in your car and house if you have one of these with you! The only negative, which doesn't bother me, is the brush is somewhat on the large size, so it does take up a good amount of space in your beach bag.”

This Reef-Safe Sunscreen

A reef-safe sunscreen should always be a part of your beach day arsenal to protect your skin and delicate aquatic ecosystems. Supergoop’s PLAY sunscreen has broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection, and it doesn’t leave a white cast. It’s also SPF 50 and water- and sweat-resistant for up to 80 minutes, making it great for long days at the beach. The formula doesn’t sting eyes when it's applied and has a light scent, so it's great for kids, too.

One reviewer wrote: “This is a holy grail product for me, been buying it for years. It is a perfect all around daily sunscreen, not sticky, doesn't make my sensitive eyes water, lightly scented, dries quickly (but leaves a really lovely no makeup "glow"), really great under makeup. Cannot say enough good things about this. Everyone who borrows it from me gets hooked too!”

This Entertaining Beach Game

This Kan Jam Ultimate Disc Game takes only seconds to set up and is perfect for beach hangouts with friends. The game itself is like a mash-up of corn-hole and ultimate frisbee, with players throwing and deflecting discs toward the plastic cans to score points. The game’s strategies are easy to learn but difficult to master, so you can log hundreds of hours trying to sink the perfect shot. Reviewers attested that it’s easy to stick the cans in beach sand and start playing, but you can also enjoy Kan Jam at tailgates or picnics.

One reviewer wrote: “After borrowing and playing others' games at multiple group camping trips, had to have one ourselves. So great in campground loops, beaches, etc.....gets hours of play by every age and gender.”

A Collapsible Cooler Bag

A cooler for your drinks and snacks is an absolute beach essential. This collapsible cooler is leakproof and is easy to fold and store when not in use. This large cooler can fit up to 50 cans of your beverage of choice, plus ice to keep it cold. There’s also a small zippered pocket for you to keep your phone or keys, so you won’t misplace your essentials in the sand. If you plan on bringing bottles to the beach, the cooler even has a bottle opener integrated into the strap.

One reviewer wrote: “This is a great little cooler- we took it camping at the beach and it got pretty roughed up over a long weekend. It kept completely cold for about 12 hours with only ice packs in hot weather. We got ice for the last couple of days and it didn't leak at all as the water melted, and kept things very cold. Needed to refill ice about once a day in 95 degree weather. Packs down and stores easily, but is very sturdy. The only thing we wished it had was a shoulder strap, because it's hard to carry when completely loaded up. All in all a great little cooler.”

A Pair Of Waterproof Dry Bags For Your Phone

The beach is essentially your phone’s worst nightmare — water, dust, and sand are all elements that can damage your smartphone’s delicate electronics. Thankfully, this two-pack of universal dry bags helps protect your tech from the elements while making it easy to actually use your phone at the beach. Each bag's universal pouch design can fit a wide array of smartphones, and the thin clear plastic keeps water out but still allows you to use your phone’s touch screen.

One reviewer wrote: “These were honestly life savers in every aspect. We went to Thailand and were able to use them for multiple activities, in the pool, in the elephant sanctuary (got great videos and pictures), at the beach, and even in the ocean when we went snorkeling and swimming. The strap is sturdy, the plastic is well made and clear. It never fogged up, didn't scratch, or anything and the touch screen was good. Keep it out of direct sun if its very hot just so your phone doesn't overheat (didn't happen but i took extra care of my phone). This is great even if you aren't in water because you can carry it around and not have the fear of your phone flying out of your hands!”

A Hair Brush That Also Stores Your Valuables

This hair brush from Stash-it not only helps detangle your hair after a swim but also has a secret compartment in its barrel that's big enough to safely store keys, cash, or other small items you may want to keep out of sight. The compartment easily screws shut, so you can still use the brush while it’s fully loaded without worrying about its contents spilling out. Reviewers noted that they’ve even used this as their primary brush while on vacation to save on packing space.

One reviewer wrote: “Needed something to put wedding rings in while we were on the beach. This worked out perfectly! Looks and feels authentic. Perfect for small jewelry pieces or rolled up cash.”

A Classic Folding Beach Chair

This Tommy Bahama beach chair is a great all-in-one product for lounging on the sand. The chair folds up into a comfortable backpack for easy transport, and there’s a small cooler and pouch to keep a few drinks cool and hold a towel or sandals. The chair itself is also comfy to sit on, and it has five different seating positions, including a lay-flat full recline. The metal bar support at the top can be used as a handy towel rack when in an upright position, and there's also an integrated bottle opener, making this beach chair both comfortable and versatile.

One reviewer wrote: “This chair is a Godsend! It’s soooo practical and every little detail is thought out. It’s super comfortable too. I love the towel bar, the pockets in the back, the cooler, the phone pocket and it even has a bottle opener for your beer! It [folds] super easy and has backpack straps and it’s so lightweight you won’t even feel it.”

The Life-Guard Approved Nose Coat

If you want to ensure that the delicate skin on your face is fully protected from the sun, these colorful Zinka tubes are your best bet. The fun colors can be useful for convincing more fussy beach-goers to slather on sun protection, and you're likely to see plenty of life guards using this mineral sunscreen as their trusty nose-coat to protect their skin in the scorching heat. Zinka also makes an SPF 50 face stick that goes on clear.

One reviewer wrote: “Love Zinka! I coach water polo, former lifeguard and a frequent beach goer. This is infinitely better than sun block and is just fun to wear and get creative with. I even wear it when I am on long hikes in the sun and don't want to [wear] a bulky hat that might get in the way or fall off at some point. I am always recommending it to friends, family, and anyone who asks what the hec is on my face. It is a bit pricey but a small tube goes a long way. It stays on really well, doesn't cause issues when you sweat, and a little soap makes for an easy removal.”

This Super Absorbent Microfiber Towel

This compact microfiber towel is easy to pack in your beach bag and way more absorbent than it looks. The towel has a convenient carrying case and a loop to let it hang-dry on anything from a towel rack to a beach umbrella. It's also super versatile for non-beach days and can be used for everything from camping to hot yoga. Plus, the super absorbent microfiber material not only makes it easy to dry off but also is more effective at removing sand than your standard cotton towel.

One reviewer wrote: “I brought this little thing along on a recent trip to Costa Rica. Yes it is thin, but that’s the whole point! I never check bags and we were on the go the whole trip, so I wanted something that packed thin and dried fast. It definitely did the job! We took it on hikes and to the beach since our hotels did not provide beach towels. The one towel was enough to dry both my boyfriend and myself after waterfall, hot springs, and ocean dips. I was able to hang it overnight to dry, but it dried very quickly in the sun between dips. And for under $15 it can’t be beat. I don’t know what we would have done without it on this trip. I highly recommend it for camping, hiking, and traveling.”

This Pop-Up Sun Shelter

A pop-up beach tent is great for those who want to lounge in the shade but don’t want to deal with beach umbrellas. The three-walled tent design gives you some privacy but is still much more convenient to get into and out of (and more conducive to conversation) than a traditional camping tent. The mesh windows also can help keep seagulls away from your food but still lets in the cool ocean breeze. Reviewers loved that this tent is lightweight and super easy to set up.

One reviewer wrote: “This tent is amazing. Very light weight, we carried it for a whole mile to the beach. Easy to set up, popped it up, snapped two poles and anchored it.. done! Nice escape from the sun and the windows offer a bit of privacy! Just as easy to take down... loved it. Highly recommend!”

A First Aid Kit For Unexpected Injuries

It's always a good idea to bring a first aid kit to the beach for fixing up minor scrapes and wounds, and this one is waterproof and compact, so you have no reason not to keep it in your beach bag or car. The kit comes with tweezers, bandages in a wide variety sizes and shapes, tape, alcohol wipes, and more, so you’ll be prepared for just about any scenario.

The waterproof case will also keep items like bandages or gauze dry, so you won’t have to worry about it sitting next to a wet swimsuit or towel in your bag. Reviewers noted that this first aid kit is much more comprehensive than you'd expect for its small size, and it’s an essential not only for the beach but for any outdoor adventure.

One reviewer wrote: “I bought this first aid kit to have in my car. Sometimes, I go hiking or to the beach and this is great to bring along with me as well due to its size. It's filled with everything you need to treat any wound.”

A Sturdy Beach Umbrella

This Tommy Bahama beach umbrella is one of the best of its kind. The 7.5-foot diameter will keep you well shaded all day, and the aluminum undercoating helps further protect you from UV rays. This umbrella also has an adjustable tilting mechanism that helps you rotate the position as the sun moves throughout the day, so you can stay shaded without having to physically pull up and re-stake it every few hours. There's also a built-in sand anchor and wind vents, so your shade set up will stay grounded even in windy conditions.

One reviewer wrote: “These work great at the beach, and great for a more permanent seasonal umbrella at our lake house for shade by the water (where we have 3 of them...soon to be 4).”

This Packable Straw Hat

A wide-brimmed hat is a stylish way to protect your face from sun damage and easily pull together your wind-swept beach waves. This straw hat not only has a wide, floppy brim, but is also breathable and boasts UPF 50+ sun protection. The hat has a simple ribbon design, making it a perfect choice for protecting your face and looking elegant at the beach. You can even adjust the hat’s width with an interior Velcro strap, and there is a detachable drawstring that helps it stay put on your head in windier conditions. When it’s time to pack up, you can also use the drawstring to collapse the hat into a compact roll to save space in your bag.

One reviewer wrote: “I purchased this hat to use on my beach vacation. It was easy to pack and sprung right back to life after being rolled into a tiny log and stuffed into my suitcase. It was comfortable, lightweight, and kept my head, neck, face, and decolletage well-protected from the sun's harmful rays with its built-in SPF protection. I love the black tie neatly wrapped around the hat... but if you're not a fan, its easy enough to remove. 5 stars for this hat."

A Dry Bag For All Your Wet Clothes

This waterproof dry bag is super convenient to bring to the beach, and can keep all your wet clothes in one place for the ride back home. The waterproof lining of this bag is great for transporting all sorts of things — you can use it with wet swimsuits to keep the rest of your bag dry, or you can use it with electronics or a change of clothes to keep them dry if there are wet items in your beach tote. The bag comes in a variety of fun patterns and is machine washable, so it’s easy to keep clean after each use. Reviewers have used this dry bag for everything from cloth diapers to bottles of shampoo and sunscreen.

One reviewer wrote: “I love love love these bags! I keep finding more and more ideas for them but I need some new patterns. I keep one in the diaper bag folded up for blow outs, one in each kids room for super stained clothes so I don't have to sort laundry, and now I'm keeping our dry bathing suits in one so it's easy to pack for the beach. I can put soaking wet suits in it and it doesn't leak. This bag is a good size too...the kids can fit a lot of clothes in it.”