The 10 Best Alternatives To Glossier's Most Beloved Products

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I love Glossier, Instagram loves Glossier, VC firms love Glossier, and it’s safe to assume you love Glossier, too. But if you live somewhere Glossier doesn't ship — or maybe they're currently sold out of your favorite product — consider the best Glossier alternatives instead. These products perform similarly to their Glossier counterparts, but they’re much more accessible, since they can all be bought on Amazon at budget-friendly prices.

As is always the case with alternatives from popular brands, these products stand on their own as high performers — they just so happen to work similarly to some of Glossier's most beloved products. But emphasis on the word "similarly" here, because as any true beauty insider knows, there's no such thing as an actual dupe — for better or for worse.

Whether you're searching for a fiber mascara à la Lash Slick, a shimmery, liquid eyeshadow in a shade not offered in Lidstar's range, or a Milky Jelly-esque cleaner that costs almost half the price, scroll on to shop 10 of the best alternatives to Glossier products that you can buy on Amazon.

We only recommend products we love and that we think you will, too. We may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was written by our Commerce team.

Best Alternative To Boy Brow

Boy Brow is technically a brow pomade disguising as a gel — hence the waxy consistency that fluffs up your brows and holds them in place, without any flakiness or crunchiness. This Covergirl brow gel is, in fact, a gel. But it boasts a similarly small-but-fluffy brush, which allows for lots of precision and minimal clumpage, and the fiber formula doesn’t get hard or crunchy when it sets. Try the clear version if you’re after a more Boy Brow-ishly minimalist effect.

  • Available shades: 4
Best Alternative To Milky Jelly Cleanser

Take the calming benefits of a cleansing milk, the deep clean and deliciously bouncy texture of a gel, mix ‘em together, and what do you get? Bliss Makeup Melt Gentle Jelly Cleanser. (Or Glossier's beloved Milky Jelly Cleanser.) Like its Glossier counterpart, this cleanser can be used on dry skin as a makeup remover, or on wet skin if you’re makeup-free. This one’s also infused with a few of Milky Jelly’s marquee ingredients, like hydrating rose water, nourishing vitamin B5, and soothing allantoin, which all make this suitable for sensitive skin.

Best Alternative To Cloud Paint

Several Redditors point to these Flower Beauty Blush Bomb Color Drops as a worthy alternative to Cloud Paint, thanks to their comparably rich pigmentation, supreme blendability, squeeze-tube packaging, and vibrant shade range. The consistency leans more liquidy-gel than fluffy, but that lends a lovely, glowy finish. It’s just as easy to go accidentally overboard here as it is with Cloud Paint, so proceed with caution.

  • Available shades: 5
Best Alternative To Lash Slick

Lash Slick and this Maybelline mascara work the same way: They contain tiny fibers that cling to the ends of your lashes for instant length, a bit like temporary lash extensions, and they’ll separate and lift your lashes along the way — all ideal if you prefer a natural-looking mascara. Reviewers confirm that this doesn’t flake, smudge, or clump, and it washes off easily with any eye makeup remover you have on hand.

Best Alternative To Super Pure

Arguably the most popular of Glossier’s three serums, Super Pure is designed to clarify, balance, and “reset” all skin types. The not-so-secret ingredients: Niacinamide to brighten and retexturize, and zinc PCA to soothe irritation. Pretty easy to figure out that the not-so-secret secret ingredients in this Naturium serum are exactly the same, though this contains higher concentrations of both. Hyaluronic acid joins the mix for some more hydration and plumping, too. Reviewers credit this “miracle” serum for visibly firming their skin, minimizing the appearance of clogged pores and unwanted scarring, and keeping their skin feeling fresh, well-hydrated, and supple. Basically everything you get with Super Pure, but this costs $12 less than its Glossier forebear.

Best Alternative To Solution

This Paula’s Choice liquid exfoliant doesn’t contain the same blend of acids as Solution does, but I think its small army of devotees is willing to overlook that. This brilliantly simple solution contains 2% salicylic acid to unclog pores and sweep away dead cells on the surface of your skin, while green tea leaf extract helps calm any redness and irritation. This one’s also earned “miracle product” status among Amazon reviewers and beauty bloggers, who swear by it for clearing up intense breakouts and blackheads; retexturizing rough, bumpy patches; evening out hyperpigmentation; and achieving filter-esque skin overall.

Heads up: This costs about $6 more than Solution, but chemical exfoliants don’t get much better (or accessible, since Solution often sells out) than this.

Best Alternative To Lidstar

Lidstar is one of the easier Glossier products to find suitable alternatives for, since it’s fairly straightforward: Creamy liquid eyeshadow packed with ultrafine glitter. But Amazonites and Redditors like these L’Oreal liquid shadows in particular. These read more “shimmery” than “big chunks of glitter” in real life than they do online, so they softly glisten like Lidstar rather than refract wildly à la disco ball. The texture isn’t quite as smooth, but it's still workable and buildable. You’ll get about 30 seconds of playtime with the pigment until it dries down, after which it will not budge. Another great thing: The 18-shade range is far more generous than Lidstar’s six.

  • Available shades: 18
Best Alternative To Perfecting Skin Tint

This Undone Beauty foundation also has a leg up on Glossier in the shade-range department — this has two more shades in its range than Skin Tint does. Otherwise, they’re remarkably similar in finish (dewy and natural), consistency (fluid), feel (like nothing), and coverage (light enough so that your skin still looks like your skin, but in soft focus). A few Amazon reviewers actually prefer this to Skin Tint, since it’s more buildable. This also keeps shine at bay all day long, while Skin Tint can look a little greasy on oily or combination skin.

  • Available shades: 14
Best Alternative To Priming Moisturizer

Just like Priming Moisturizer, this multipurpose cream from K-beauty brand Touch In Sol has all the trappings of a top shelf staple: It feels refreshingly light, fluid, and a little bit watery, but it dries down within seconds, without a hint of grease or stickiness. Despite that ultra light consistency, the ceramide-packed formula is moisturizing enough for even the driest, flakiest skin (including my chronically chapped hands). Dimethicone imparts a slightly blurred effect and gives it some grip, so it can work as a hydrating makeup primer, also like Priming Moisturizer. It’s the same price as its Glossier counterpart, but you’re getting almost a full ounce more of product here.

Best Alternative To Generation G

I saw Mariah Leonard pick up Revlon Matte Balm as an alternative to Generation G, so I’m picking up Revlon Matte Balm as an alternative to Generation G. Leonard says these drugstore balms deposit a bit more pigment than Generation G, but they deliver that same blotted, just-bitten effect and matte finish. And at $5 a pop, they’re much more attainable (and collectible) than an $18 stick of Generation G.

  • Available shades: 10