The 10 Best Activities To Do If You Really Love Your Alone Time

by Kristin Corpuz

Alone time is an absolute necessity for me. While I thrive being around other people, some of the high points of my days are when I get to spend time by myself. As I've grown up, I've tried my hardest to figure out the best possible balance of spending time around people and on my own. I think I've finally figured out the best activities to do alone that are perfect for when I need some quiet time.

I've always been an independent person, but doing things by myself has really helped me grow into a true adult, and I become increasingly comfortable with myself every single day. I'm a firm believer that solo activities can be really therapeutic, and I'm always grateful when I have a bit of time to just zone out and do my own thing. I never want to isolate myself so far that people don't want to spend time with me, but it's always nice to know that I have the option to do something by myself if I want to.

If you're anything like me and just need a little bit of time to yourself, maybe try picking up one of these hobbies. You'll be surprised how much you can enjoy time with yourself.


I've always loved crafting. I've been knitting for over 10 years now, and it never fails to give me space for the alone time that I so desperately crave. Crafting requires 100 percent of your attention, so it's especially good when you need to take your mind off of a stressful work project or busy schedule for a bit. The best part for me is producing something at the end that you can keep for yourself or gift to a loved one.


Photography can take you anywhere in the world — from the top of a skyscraper to Mount Fuji — and give you something beautiful in the process. I've found that a lot of my alone time is spent learning or building a new skill, and photography is definitely a useful skill to have. (You'll probably become your friend group's go-to Instagram photographer, too.)


If you're looking for a hobby that'll make you aware of your body and keep you present, you should try picking up yoga. You can choose to take a class, or you can practice on your own when you need a little stretch (which is especially great when you're traveling).

The flexibility (pardon the pun) of the activity is that you can do it both with or around other people, or you can opt to do it all on your own. You'll learn a lot about your body and will discover how to live in the moment as you go through the movements.


I'll admit — I'm not as skilled in the kitchen as I'd like to be, but when I do decide to cook, it ends up being a highlight of my day. Cooking allows me to experiment with the things I see on TV while spending some time with myself.

The whole process is fun — from grocery shopping, to prepping, to actually cooking. And then at the end, you get to enjoy what you made. While sharing food with your family and friends can be fun, cooking and eating by yourself is also a great way to unwind from a taxing day.

Writing And Blogging

I have found that writing is a great way to enjoy alone time while also releasing some creative energy and getting my thoughts down somewhere permanent. The cool thing about writing is that, while it's personal, it's also portable. You can bring your laptop or journal with you anywhere, and write down your thoughts at any point throughout the day.

Testing Out A New Makeup Look

One of my favorite ways to spend my alone time is watching makeup tutorials on YouTube and discovering new techniques. I get to learn a new skill, and walk out the door with a little extra pep in my step when I showcase my makeup magic.

Plus, like crafting, perfecting a winged liner or blended eyeshadow requires your undivided attention, so it's a great way to unwind when you want to push away the stressful part of your day.


While traveling with family and friends certainly makes for unforgettable experiences, there's nothing quite like traveling by yourself. Exploring a new place is really thrilling and exciting, and traveling on your own requires you to be really resourceful. Plus, you'll be able to plan out the entire itinerary with everything you want to do, and complete it on your own schedule.


If you're looking for ways to incorporate alone time into your workout routine, try a solitary sport, like running, hiking, cycling, or swimming. You can totally zone out during your workout, and will feel so rejuvenated once you wrap up.

Getting Into A Good TV Show

Netflix and chilling with yourself can sound kind of boring sometimes, but if you like to relax by watching TV, ramp it up by picking out a good show that's just for you.

Taking A Walk

Sure, you're busy, and it can be difficult to get outside and enjoy air that hasn't already circulated through your apartment or office. If you're craving some alone time, even in the middle of a workday, give yourself just 10 minutes to get some fresh air and a change of scenery.