Charli Got Real About The 1 Thing That Would Make Her Quit TikTok

Petro S. D'Aprano/Getty Images

One of the world's biggest influencers isn't totally sold on the idea of doing TikTok forever. The reason Charli D'Amelio would quit TikTok is unsurprising, but still shocking to even think about. The 16-year-old dancer quickly became one of the world's most beloved personalities and basically a household name in the span of just one year. To even think about a world without the star's videos circulating on TikTok is hard to do for her fans, but she's given some thought as to what would push her to stop filming "Renegade" dances and documenting her life on social media.

D'Amelio popularized more than a few trends and challenges on TikTok as she skyrocketed to fame and became the app's most-followed creator. She worked hard to get to where she is today; the teenager already has brand deals with Dunkin', an upcoming Hulu show, and a book deal under her belt. In a recent interview with Teen Vogue, however, the superstar influencer revealed there is one thing that would give her pause and cause her to turn in the towel from the social media biz.

"The second I'm not having fun and not enjoying this, [my parents] are the first people to be like, 'You don't have to do anything that you don't want to do,'" D'Amelio said in her Feb. 17 cover story. She would be willing to give up her entire A-list set-up, from the ring lights to the merch lines, if she realized she no longer loved what she did. Her parents would be supportive of this decision, too, although she shows no signs of stopping her climb to success just yet.

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"[If] I didn't have my family around to lean on and if we weren't all in this together, I think I would be a completely different person right now," D'Amelio said about her family's collective rise to fame. "I can call my sister or go to her apartment, or go upstairs and talk to my mom and dad and be like, 'This isn't fun anymore,' and they would be like, 'Then we're not doing it.'"

D'Amelio's support system is strong, and her entire family is on the rollercoaster of fame along with her. She's not ready to give up on her dream of being a mega star, but trust and believe if she wasn't having fun, she'd be done.