The 1 Change To Make To Your Love Life In 2019, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

by Valerie Mesa

L is for the way you look... OK, I'm kidding, but then again, what can I say? Love makes the world go 'round, which is why I'm going to tell you the one change to make to your love life in 2019, based on your zodiac sign. Granted, no one is forcing you to change your ways, on the contrary. Everyone's relationship is completely unique, and well, to each their own. However, with the help of the cosmos, you might discover new ways to express yourself in your relationship. For those who are looking for love, or perhaps completely against commitment, maybe this calls for a cosmic change of heart.

I will say, charming Venus, planet of love, beauty, relationships, and pleasure, will be direct all year long, and this is always a good thing. Put it this way: if the planet of love is working at its full potential, it can't be that hard to find love, right? Now, don't get it twisted. Everyone's karma is different, and the people coming in and out of our lives are usually karmic, in the sense that they're put in our lives for one reason or another. However, if you're wholeheartedly open to love, and ready to pursue a serious relationship, nothing's impossible.

Speaking of, there will be a total lunar eclipse in Leo on Jan. 21, which also happens to be the last of this eclipse series, and there will be more via the Cancer-Capricorn axis throughout the year, one of which will be taking place on Jan. 7. My reason for reminding you of this is, eclipses tend to bring significant changes to our lives, and if you're someone who's either looking for love, or struggling within their current relationship, you might want to check and see where these eclipses fall in your birth chart. The houses will give you a general idea.

With that being said, here's what you should work on this year, in regards to your love life, as per your zodiac sign:

Aries: Put Your Emotional Needs First

Oh, Aries. There's nothing wrong with tapping into your emotions, let alone being vulnerable. Besides, you can't go wrong with the truth, right? Once your love sees your true colors, they'll fall even more in love with you.

Taurus: Be Open To The Possibilities

Know this: There's no such thing as perfect, and things rarely go as planned. What I'm trying to say is, don't be afraid to take a risk this year, Taurus. You have your whole life ahead of you, which means the possibilities are endless.

Gemini: Stop Holding Onto The Past

How do you expect to move forward if you're still hanging onto the past? Open your mind and heart to new beginnings this year, and know that you are worthy of so much. Also, your past relationships can never define the love you're capable of receiving.

Cancer: Set Firm Boundaries

I know it's hard for you to put your foot down, but remember, every time you stand up for yourself, you love yourself a little more. When you start loving yourself, that's when everything starts falling into place.

Leo: Take Some Time For Yourself

You constantly light up a room, and your physical stamina is like no other, but what about your soul? Is it tired? Make time for yourself this year, Leo. Your loved ones will understand, I promise.

Virgo: Spice Things Up

Whether it be sexually, creatively, or simply just a glimpse of your artistic ability, don't hesitate to turn up the heat this year, Virgo. You're not just sugar, spice, and everything nice, so start tapping into that other side of you, that you keep hidden from the world.

Libra: Find Your Balance

It's going to be a lot of work vs. home, personal vs. professional, and in the midst of that, it's important that you find a healthy balance between your needs, as well as your partner's. You can't have it all, Libra.

Scorpio: Open Your Heart

It's easy to hide from the world, especially when you've been through so much emotionally, but in the end, it's also your challenge to see the good in others, and love them exactly for who they are.

Sagittarius: Know Your Worth

You know how long it took you to get here? Why settle? Do yourself a favor, and look in the mirror. You're a prize to be won, and it's time for you to remember who you are.

Capricorn: Learn How To Compromise

Sharing is caring, and if you're being inauthentic with yourself, then you can't expect to find an authentic partner. If you want someone to be truthful, make sure you're being honest with them, too. You of all people know that you get what you give. Right, Capricorn?

Aquarius: Have Faith In Your Partnerships

When you close your eyes and go to sleep, where do you go? Exactly. If there's anyone who knows that we're just specs in an infinite galaxy, it's you, my dear Aquarius. Trust the universe, and trust that you, too, have a soul mate.

Pisces: Listen To Your Heart

No more second guessing, Pisces. Your love is real, genuine, and out-of-this-world, literally speaking. Why doubt yourself? It's one thing to go with the flow, and another to follow your heart, but I say, do both. What's the worst that could happen?