Thank God These 49 Great Products Are Less Than $40 On Amazon Prime

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After spending loads of cash on holiday parties and celebrations — including dresses, glam, cabs, and the whole nine yards — I tend to be tapped out when it comes to buying gifts. Then, I'm immediately washed over in pure guilt as I reflect on my own vanity. But after many years of budgeting while shopping for others, I've realized that strategy is key. In fact, you'd be surprised at how many gifts are less than $40 on Amazon Prime.

Sure, I love focusing on the individual interests of my loved ones whenever a big day rolls around — but I've learned that there are tons of items that are basically loved universally. Seriously, have you met anyone — and I mean anyone — who can't appreciate a cozy blanket? Or how about some lotions and lip balms that'll keep your entire body moisturized? Oh, I can't forget about the portable shiatsu massage pillow. I'm sold each and every time.

Again, the best thing about the following selection of gifts is that they're all on Amazon Prime, which offers super fast shipping. If you're someone who needs to do some last-minute shopping, I'd like to personally welcome you to your virtual gift-giving haven.

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