40 Bougie Products On Amazon That Are Surprisingly Inexpensive

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Have you ever walked into a particularly bougie boutique, sniffed a delicious-but-ever-so-delicately-scented candle, and then turned it over to discover it costs more than your electric bill? I have, and I have very gently set that candle back down before walking out of the store, being careful not to knock anything over on my way out. Well, all these bougie products on Amazon feel just as luxurious as that overpriced candle — but none of them will cause you that expletive-inducing sticker shock.

Some of these items are downright indulgent, like an at-home pedicure pool or a bamboo bath caddy that has specific compartments for your book, your phone, and your glass of Sauvignon Blanc.

Others product take the day-to-day things you use and elevate them to their full, bougie potential. For example, if you're going to buy an extension cord, why settle for a boring old gray one when you can get one that's rose gold? Or why drink your coffee in an aluminum or plastic travel mug when you can sip from a ceramic travel mug that preserves the "integrity" of the flavor?

So forget about the heart-pounding anxiety that comes with the risk of knocking over intricate displays in fancy boutiques and sit back and click through this collection of bougie — but surprisingly affordable products — on Amazon.

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