Tayshia & Zac Are Moving In Together — But There's A Twist

ABC/Craig Sjodin

It's a tale as old as time: First comes love, then comes a Neil Lane engagement ring, then comes the moving truck. I have good news for you, Bachelor Nation: Tayshia Adams and Zac Clark are moving in together! The newly-engaged couple will live together in New York City, where Clark calls home. But Adams, who's from Orange County, California, isn't giving up her West Coast digs just yet.

"I'm going to be bicoastal," she told former Bachelorettes Rachel Lindsay and Becca Kufrin on the Dec. 23 episode of the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast. "I'm going to keep my place here. But yeah, we're moving in together!"

Clarky and the Queen, as they call each other, are planning to spend the holidays together in New York. "Christmas, New Year's, that whole deal, we're going to be east and give her a little East Coast holiday season," Clark added. "No return flight yet."

For Adams, Clark's New York City home base was pretty serendipitous. "I wanted to move to New York last November, but it didn't work out. But look at it now!" she said. Her parents and siblings are apparently on board with her plans to be bicoastal, she said, adding, "I love that my family is being so supportive and just, like, 'Please go and move and please do what you need to do.'"

ABC/Craig Sjodin

Now that the finale has aired, the couple says they're looking forward to taking their relationship slowly. "I'm excited to date her and take her out and do some things we'd typically do if this were a normal relationship," Clark told Kufrin and Lindsay. "We have to do the family/friends thing, right? She's got an amazing family who I had the opportunity to meet, she's got all these friends that she keeps talking about that I'm so excited to get to know. That's going to be huge. And vice versa for me. And then I think it comes back to just... dating, getting to know each other, and you know, start spending extended periods of time with each other. You learn to live with another human being. Like, is the toothpaste on the mirror going to cause resentment you're going to fight about, or are you going to blow it off and say, 'I love you?'"

While a cross-country move to New York is sure to be a big transition for this California girl, at least she has Clark by her side to help her hail a taxi.