Taylor's Reaction To Katy's New Music Video Has Their Stans SHOOK

Lester Cohen/AMA2011/WireImage/Getty Images

Katy Cats and Swifties finally came together in 2018, putting down their once fiery beef when their faves made up over social media after releasing a slew of diss tracks about each other. Now, Taylor Swift's tweet about Katy Perry's "Not The End Of The World" video has both of their fanbases smiling and reveling in the amazing music both artists released in 2020. If there was "Bad Blood" at one point, it's been gone for years now, and the two singers are uplifting each other across social media.

Perry released the music video for her song "Not The End Of The World" on Dec. 21, starring fellow A-list lookalike Zooey Deschanel, putting an end to years of conspiracy theories that they two are secretly the same person. The song was originally a standout from her August 2020 album Smile, so fans were stoked that the track was getting a viral-worthy visual. Swift chimed in once she caught wind of the video, writing on Twitter, "THIS IS GENIUS." She also attached a GIF of Deschanel on a late night talk show, ecstatic and raising her fists to the sky. It's certainly one of the cutest celeb interactions on social media in a long time, and a welcome change of pace from the cutthroat music industry talk of chart positions and sales numbers.

Swift's tweet got a lot of attention and praise from Katy Cats for helping to promote Perry's latest single and video, and of course, the memes were plentiful.

One fan replied to Swift with a meme of her and Perry hugging during their iconic collab for Swift's "You Need To Calm Down" music video, a track off her 2019 album Lover. The harmony between the fandoms is almost too powerful, considering the artists are both at the top of their game in the competitive world of pop music. If the two fandoms keep the love in the air, there's no doubt they'll come together to dominate the charts for future releases.

Swift's praise of Perry's video comes after fans discovered the heart-warming news that Swift sent a beautiful embroidered blanket to Perry for her newborn daughter, Daisy Dove, in September. Their friendship is truly the stuff of stardom, and the music industry as a whole needs more celebratory and inspiring moments like these between artists.