Taylor Transformed Into The Most Convincing F*ckboy In Her "The Man" Video


After hearing Taylor's empowering feminist anthem "The Man," fans knew that if the track received the video treatment, it would be powerful as heck. Well, Swifties, Tay has finally blessed us with a visual for the song and it. is. everything. Taylor Swift's "The Man" music video makes some important statements about gender roles in society.

First of all, let's all give a big shoutout to Tay for directing the video herself. Not only is she out here making feminist bops for the ages, but it turns out she's an über-talented director as well.

When "The Man" was first released on her album Lover in August 2019, the song surprised fans since Swift had typically shied away from releasing politically-charged songs in the past.

In the chorus, she sang: "I'm so sick of running as fast as I can/Wondering if I'd get there quicker if I was a man/And I'm so sick of them coming at me again/'Cause if I was a man/Then I'd be the man."

Now, Swift is shouting her message from the rooftops.

In the video, fans see Swift transform into a f*ckboy so convincingly that I wasn't actually positive it wasn't actually a male actor until the video's ending credits revealed the intense makeup process Swift went through to achieve the look.

Dressed as "The Man," aka Tyler Swift, Swift does all the f*ckboy things you can possibly imagine, like being bossy at work, man-spreading, peeing in public places, being a jerk to waiters, and crying over losing. In a more nuanced scene, Tyler is lauded as the best dad ever by everyone at a park for being nice to his daughter (bare minimum, you know?), only for the scene to smash cut to him partying hard at a strip club that night.

While seeing Swift act out all these situations with a fake beard on her face was all types of hilarious, the video shed light on all the things women are judged for that men are often allowed to do with impunity (and are even rewarded for).

Once the video ends, the camera pulls back to reveal Swift (the real Swift) is in the director's chair, and she tells Tyler he needs to reshoot the last scene because he wasn't sexy enough in the video — a clear reference to the ridiculous feedback women artists often get.

As the credits roll, revealing Swift is the director and owner of the video and song, it's clear Swift sent one of her most powerful messages yet with this video: she's the woman, and she can achieve whatever a man can.

You can watch Swift's new video for "The Man" below.