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Taylor Swift's "New Year's Day" Lyrics Will Make You Cry & Call Your Ex


As promised, Taylor Swift released her fifth single from Reputation during Scandal tonight as part of a promotion for Grey's Anatomy. I guess this is her telling us she really loves the TGIT lineup? Girl, same. Anyway, the song "New Year's Day" is the fifth and final single released from Reputation before the entire album drop. Last week, TGIT announced it would be debuting the "world premiere performance" of Swift's new song, and Taylor Swift's "New Year's Day" song lyrics definitely do not disappoint.

The announcement of Swift's "New Year's Day" performance was made last week on Nov. 2, when TGIT tweeted a video that showed a bunch of shots of what appears to be Swift's Rhode Island coastal home and her playing a short chord on a piano. The announcement was made at nearly the same exact time Swift announced the upcoming arrival of her song "Call It What You Want." These separate announcements did not make it clear whether the TGIT "world premiere performance" would be an entirely new song from Swift or just another version of "Call It What You Want," but now that "New Year's Day" has arrived, we know that it was an entirely new song altogether!

The "New Year's Day" lyrics go:

And here's the official video:

This was the last song to be released before the Reputation drop. An extended version of "New Year's Day" will reportedly be airing on Freeform on Nov. 10, according to Good Morning America.

"Call It What You Want" was released just hours after Swift made the announcement of its arrival. The lyrics are super romantic and are reportedly about Swift's boyfriend of one year, Joe Alwyn.

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The "Call It What You Want" lyrics go:

Fans are in love with "New Year's Day" and are dying to hear the rest of Reputation.

Yeah, Taylor, you might want to go ahead and drop Reputation already. I think your fans might combust.