Taylor Swift Just Dropped The Most Romantic Music Video For Her Song "Lover"

Taylor Swift/Vevo

The title track of Taylor Swift's highly-anticipated seventh album Lover truly showcases what it is like to be completely smitten and head over heels in love. "Lover" kinda seems like a beautiful love letter to Taylor's bae Joe Alwyn. Sigh, so sweet and romantic. Now, Taylor Swift's "Lover" music video is here and it's what Swifties' dreams are made of. It's a spectacular visual, perfectly capturing the essence of the song.

Leading up to the video's premiere on Aug. 22, Swift provided fans with a few details about the video in a YouTube live stream. She promised fans that the video would be "aesthetically pleasing from a color standpoint," and it certainly lived up to those expectations in a big way. After the video opens with a shot of a little girl opening a snow globe on Christmas morning, it takes viewers through a technicolor dream home for Swift and her lover. Dancer-musician Christian Owens plays Swift's lover in the video, which showcases their life together in various color-blocked rooms.

The video shows Swift and Owens experiencing all kinds of normal couple's activities, like snuggling on the couch, telling corny jokes over dinner, and even fighting. But through it all, they remain connected to each other. True to the lyrics of the song, they seem to be "close forever and ever." The video even ends with a sweet surprise: The little girl from the beginning is Swift and Owens' daughter, who's been looking at a snow globe filled with memories of her parents' love. It's especially sweet because it's a reference to a lyric from Swift's song "You Are in Love," which goes: "And so it goes, you two are dancing in a snowglobe, round and round."

The "Lover" video is enough to make anyone a romantic, and you can check it out for yourself below:

Prior to the video's release, many Swifties developed theories about what the video would look like. Since every Tay Tay fan knows Swift is notorious for easter egging them, her fandom combed over every lyric and even the lyric video to hopefully find a clue of what was to come.

The lyric video featured home videos projected onto a simple white sheet, and those visuals seemed a little suspect. They featured a garden, a U.K. flag with a heart on it (a nod to her British bae), and even a scene that seemingly looked like Swift with her hair done and possibly wearing a veil.

A reporter and Swiftie at Refinery29 claimed the footage looked as if it could've been taken at a wedding, leading many to believe Swift and Alwyn had gotten married and the "Lover" video would portray their ceremony. Well Swifties, looks like y'all were a little overzealous with that one. However, the home video projections did still make their way into the music video in a very sweet way. In the video, after Swift and Owens fight, Owens makes his way up to the attic of their home where he finds Swift watching the home movies. They reconcile while watching them together, with Swift's head on his shoulder.

The home movies are such a darling visual, so it makes sense Swift included them in the "Lover" video. Between the home movies sequence and all the video's other dreamy scenes, the video was made for all the romantics out there. Now excuse me while I replay it a couple hundred times.