These Details About Taylor Swift’s ‘Lover’ Listening Party Will Make Every Swiftie So Jealous

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Get ready Swifties, because a new Taylor Swift album is on its way, and a group of hardcore Taylor Swift fans in London, England have already gotten to feast their ears on all the new songs. On Friday, August 2, the singer/songwriter hosted a secret fan party for new music and Taylor Swift's Lover listening party revealed exciting details about the upcoming album. I don't know about you, but the two year gap between her last album and Lover has me ready for new music ASAP.

Swift's secret listening party on Aug. 2 gathered some of her most loyal UK fans for an intimate Lover listening experience. Though the attendees were asked to keep their experience pretty low-key and secret, some fans did end up sharing a few details from the event about Lover, which is slated to be released on Aug. 23, 2019. For example, one fan shared that the album contained "amazing bops" and "true tearjerkers," and that there's something for everyone on Lover. Twitter user @RedNeedsAGrammy revealed that Swift said her favorite track of all-time is on Lover, though she didn't share which song it was. I'm not sure how any song can beat 1989's "Blank Space" or Fearless' "Love Story," but I'm pretty excited.

Swift also told a fan that the song "All Too Well" from her album Red will always have a special place in her heart, so we can guess that song is one of her faves as well

Remember the part about there being some tear-jerkers on the album? Well, one fan wrote that one song made them cry "almost uncontrollably" and two or three other songs made them tear up a little because they were "so sweet and romantic." Though none of the tearjerkers are named, I'm pretty sure I'll need to hold onto a box of tissues during the entire listening experience when the album is released.

It seems like one of the most moving moments from the secret listening sessions had to do with an LGBTQ+ fan, @Repuhaytion13, who had written Swift an emotional letter in June 2019 about their experience coming out at school. In the letter, they talked about how Swift's song "Me!" inspired them to change the way the LGBT community is represented at their school. According to a tweet from @Repuhaution13, Swift read the letter out loud during the secret session, not only showing that she actually saw and read the piece herself, but also actively supporting her LGBTQ+ fans and their experiences.

In addition to getting to listen to her music, the lucky UK Swifties at the listening session also got a bunch of swag. According to E!, Swift baked her Swifties a bunch of treats like heart-shaped cookies and multi-colored Rice Krispy treats. Secret session attendees also took home Lover tote bags and pins that said "Lover Secret Sessions 2019."

Swift herself shared a photo of her special Rice Krispy treats from the event on Instagram.

Even though fans couldn't reveal too many details, these small bits of information might just tide me over until the album release at the end of the month.