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Taylor Swift's "Call It What You Want" Lyrics Will Have You Sobbing

Another day, another surprise Taylor Swift single coming our way. On Thursday, Nov. 2, Swift took to social media to let fans know another single from Reputation is coming tonight at midnight, and it looks like it's gonna be an emotional one. The new single is called "Call It What You Want" and the lyrics Swift teased are pretty heavy.

UPDATE: Swift dropped the entire "Call It What You Want" single and the lyrics are so deep. They read,

Earlier: This latest single from Swift is the fourth off her upcoming album, which drops on Nov. 10. The first single was "Look What You Made Me Do," which had some killer snake imagery and a shade-filled video that dropped during the VMAs. The second was "...Ready For It?" which actually dropped during a college football game. Third, we got "Gorgeous," which was a fun, poppy song that made you want to dance. And finally, we're getting "Call It What You Want."

Swift captioned her post, "Call It What You Want. Midnight Eastern." The photo shows a brown background with typewriter-like text, which seems to give us a sneak peek at some of the lyrics. They read,

It actually sounds like some kind of poem, and I'm already trying to figure out who this song could be about. In her song "...Ready For It?" some fans thought the lyrics could be about her current boyfriend, Joe Alwyn. Swift sang some symbolic lyrics that seemed they could be about wanting to get out of the spotlight and go somewhere where they could be alone. The "Ready For It?" lyrics read,

These "Call It What You Want" lyrics seem to grasp at that same idea. To me, these lyrics say Swift is strong (especially considering some things that have been said about her by the media and other celebrities) and she doesn't need to be saved. BUT, she would love to run away from the fame and all the hateful gossip and actually spend quality time with Alwyn. MAYBE? AM I ON THE RIGHT TRACK, TAYLOR? Let me know, pls.

At the same time Swift dropped the name and lyrics of her newest single on social media, we also found out that Swift will be doing a performance next week as part of TGIT on ABC, which is the lineup that includes Scandal, How To Get Away With Murder, and Grey's Anatomy on Thursday nights. Scandal posted a quick video on their social platforms, with the caption reading, "Watch #TGIT Next Thursday to see the World Premiere Performance of a new song by @taylorswift13! #TGITaylor."

OMG. This is gonna be huge. The video shows a piano in a beautiful home on the water with floor-to-ceiling windows. We also get the first note of a song, with Swift's hands on the piano. Some fans are speculating that the house in the Scandal video is Swift's own mansion in Rhode Island.

TBH, it totally looks like it. I guess we'll have to wait until the performance to really find out, but the imagery is there.

Fans are completely psyched about getting another single from Swift before her Reputation album drops later this month.

Can't wait to hear it, Swifty.