Taylor Swift Responds To Naked "...Ready For It" Music Video & You've Got To Read It


Taylor Swift's new music video "...Ready For It" is an explosive, sci-fi spectacle. The singer marches around, shattering a huge tomb of glass, climbing onto an animatronic horse, and is surrounded by a bunch of Darth Vaders (?) in what looks like an underground fight club. There's also a part where she looks kinda nude, causing pretty much the whole internet to freak out. Well, massive apologies to everyone for the letdown, but Taylor Swift responded to naked "...Ready For It" rumors, and set the record straight. She was just wearing a really cool bodysuit.

Let's back up to how the whole #BodysuitGate started. When fans first got a glimpse of Swift as a (potentially) naked cyborg, they freaked out. Some snippets below:

Others were less enthusiastic, and a whole lot more critical.

OK, so Swift might be shacked up in London shooting music videos, hand wrapping gifts, and hanging with Joe Alwyn, but that doesn't mean she doesn't hear all of the internet commotion. The singer set the record straight on Oct. 27 by posting a few behind-the-scenes pictures featuring herself in a flesh colored bodysuit.


Swift didn't really need to defend herself in the first place, because fans were ~shaking off~ haters already.

Side note: HOW do you look THAT good in a bodysuit. Seriously. Like, is there some sort of workout routine we can all follow?


Naked cyborg confusion aside, don't expect the pop singer to disrobe anytime soon. Swift has been pretty adamant about nudity in the past. She told Elle Magazine in 2014,

That makes a lot sense. It takes a lot of guts to write deeply personal, not at all subtle songs about some of the biggest names in the music industry (hi, Harry Styles) and then show up at award show after award show and have to see them.

Plus, Swift is very conscious about the message she's sending fans, and has talked about taking her position as a role model seriously. She told 60 Minutes in 2011,

You keep doing you, T. Swift. And we'll keep wishing we could rock a flesh colored bodysuit even a fraction as well.