Taylor Swift & Brendon Urie Basically Recreated The Epic "ME!" Video IRL At The BBMAs

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The 2019 Billboard Music Awards are here to usher in a whole new year of music, and this year's opening act is ushering in a whole new vibe as well. Taylor Swift and Brendan Urie's 2019 BBMAs opening performance of "ME!" was the first time the single was performed live. It's also the kickoff of a new era of music for Swift, since "ME!" is the first song off her upcoming mystery album. Fans don't know when Swift's new album will be released, but at least she gave everyone a sneak peek of what's to come with her BBMAs performance.

The live performance of "ME!" channeled a lot of the technicolor energy of the song's music video. The opener was complete with pastel pantsuits, vibrant umbrellas, and confetti falling on the audience. It was basically the music video come to life.

On April 26, after weeks of cryptic messages hinting at something big coming on the date, Swift released the video for the song. She co-wrote it with Urie, of Panic! At The Disco fame, and he stars in the video alongside her. "ME!" is all about celebrating yourself, and Swift said that she was excited about channeling that positive energy. She told Billboard:

It felt like something that could make you feel good. And, I just want that right now for people. I want that for me when I perform it. I want to feel good and feel positive and feel hopeful and I feel like a song is like a mantra. If you get a song stuck in your head, that’s the message you’re telling yourself whether it’s intentional or not, or conscious or not.

Both the music video and BBMA live performance of "ME!" are filled with a full rainbow of colors, and that gives everything about the song a sense of pure joy. Swift told Billboard that she thinks the happiness of the new song is in part a reflection of how she feels in her life right now.

"The aesthetic for the music I make is usually a reflection of how I feel as a person," Swift explained. "I really do credit the fans for the complete resurgence of exuberance and excitement towards music and making new music."

It seems like Swift's fans are totally on board for the positive vibes of "ME!" They took to Twitter to say that the single brought smiles to their faces.

After the "ME!" music video dropped on YouTube, it quickly became the most viewed visual from a solo or female artist in YouTube history. The video received 65.2 million views within its first 24 hours online.

"ME!" will be included on Swift's new album, although the release date for the full batch of new songs hasn't been revealed yet. Swift did say that the title of the new album is hidden within the music video for "ME!" so truly dedicated fans can comb through the video for any and all hints about the new album. Until the album is released though, at least fans can revel in the joy of "ME!" I know I am.