Taylor Nolan Has A New Non-Monogamous Boyfriend — Here's How They Work

by Candice Jalili
Steve Granitz/WireImage/Getty Images

Being in a relationship with someone doesn't necessarily mean you have to be monogamous. Taylor Nolan and her new boyfriend Zach are non-monogamous. The Bachelor Nation star opened up about it during the Oct. 7 episode of her podcast, Let's Talk About It With Taylor Nolan, featuring guest Vanessa Grimaldi. “My preference of style of relationship is monogam-ish, to be consensually non-monogamous,” Taylor explained to Vanessa. While she said past partners thought non-monogamy was “unrealistic…to ask for in a relationship," Zach was different, agreeing to her ideal relationship style as early as their first conversation.

Taylor explained Zach showed her “the kindness, the empathy, the attentiveness, the care” that she was looking for in a partner. “He had such this warmth, and I tried to avoid him at first ‘cause I was like, ‘Ah, no!’ Because he was so f*cking … ah, he’s so hot." Plus, he's a “vegan, he doesn’t drink, he likes cats, he likes plants and he’s interested in poly/open relationships.”

As far as the future goes, Taylor says she does see “getting married legally” in her future, but she's not on the market for spending the rest of her life with one person and one person only. “Will my marriage be, ‘He’s the one and only person I have sex with the rest of my life and we cohabitate and we’re each other’s everything?’ No, not at all,” she said.

According to Us Weekly, Taylor and Zack reportedly met at the Fireside Conference at Camp Walden in Ontario, Canada, in September 2019. The two officially became boyfriend and girlfriend on Aug. 9, which Taylor noted was also the same day that Vanessa got engaged to fiancé Josh Wolfe. Nowadays, the new couple is planning a move to Vancouver, Canada.

“I mean, the border’s closed still. Who knows when that’s gonna open back up,” she shared. “In August, our goal was three to six months more of this, and then in three to six months hopefully having a place in Vancouver together.”

Excited for these two lovebirds!