Tarte Cosmetics Just Dropped Wine & Rosé Lip Gloss & Brush Sets That'll Give You A Sweet Buzz

by Stephanie Montes
tartecosmetics on Instagram

I have to be honest: I'm no wine connoisseur — not even close. I can't rattle off suggestions for really good dinner or dessert pairings; I can't ever identify the different flavor notes with a single taste, and I don't know the difference between a dry wine and a sweet one. I'll never host a birthday party at a winery and I don't come home to a glass of vino after a long day at work, but Tarte Cosmetics' Wine & Rosé sets are so cute, they could drive me to drink in the best way possible.

The brand new wine and rosé sets are two-piece brush and gloss sets that are as cute as can be. Whether you're team wine or you prefer a glass of pretty pink-tinted rosé (even if you're like me and don't drink either), there's a set for you to toast the end Dry January in style. And the best part is you can play with them all day and all night, without waking up to the dreaded hangover. Now, let's raise our glass-shaped brushes and toast to Tarte Cosmetics for their genius take on makeup staples for wine lovers and beauty lovers alike. Cheers to flawless makeup and hangover-free fun.

For All You Red Wine Fans:

Tarte announced the new “Wine Not” duo on their Instagram with the caption, "lookin’ fine & drinkin’ wine with our NEW #vegan wine not brush set," and this one goes out to all you red-wine lovers. The set features a gold brush handle, shaped just like a real-life wine glass, including the base and a stand that makes it the perfect accessory for any vanity. Spouting out the top of the faux glass is a fluffy bordeaux-colored face brush, so soft it applies powders like a dream. The pairing for this brush? A red-tinted lip gloss packaged in a mini wine-shaped bottle.

For All You Rosé Lovers:

For those of you who prefer to sip on sweet rosé with your pink up, this "Rosé Is Bae" duo is the pairing for you. The adorable flute-shaped brush even comes complete with a glitter-filled handle that mimics sparkling bubbles when you shake it. The hot-pink face brush looks so pretty peeking out the top of the glass, but luckily for you, it's more than just good looks: it blends blush and applies highlighters with a soft, diffused finish.

The "Rosé Is Bae" lip gloss imparts a glossy pink wash of color on your lips that Tarte describes on their Instagram as a "straight-from-Provence pout."

While this might not be the first and probably won't be the last of the over-the-top makeup brush designs by Tarte Cosmetics — other brush sets from the brand's past collections include brush handles shaped like flamingos and pineapples, mermaid fins, unicorn horns, and star-shaped brush tips that double as a makeup stencil — this might be my favorite one yet. How's that for ironic? And under $30 a pop, that's something to cheers to.