Tana's Best Videos Of 2019 Are All Over The Place, But That's Why You Love Them

Morgan Lieberman/FilmMagic/Getty Images

It was a big year for YouTube sensation Tana Mongeau, and that was due, in part, to her constant stream of entertaining videos, hard work, and — oh, yeah — scandals. Few can forget her highly-talked-about wedding to fellow YouTube star Jake Paul (that many fans still believe was one big publicity stunt). Whether you've kept up with all Mongeau has done in the past 12 months, or just want to check out the highlights, I've rounded up Tana Mongeau’s best videos of 2019, so check them out below.

Mongeau released over 50 YouTube videos in 2019, starting with her very candid "The Truth About My Relationships, Break Ups, and Sexuality" upload that has more than 4 million views at the time of publication. Since then, Mongeau has continued to entertain her 5.13 million subscribers with hilarious videos that show her vacationing with pals, hanging out with her husband, trying new things, and everything in between.

Mongeau's work in 2019 even earned her the Streamy award for "Creator of the Year." Of course, she released an emotional vlog after accepting the Streamy award, and her fans went absolutely wild for it. Now that we've recapped a bit of Mongeau's successful year, let's get into her best videos of 2019, starting with her aforementioned first video of the year.

1. The One Where She Got Real About Her Relationships, Break Ups, and Sexuality

Though Mongeau revealed she was skeptical about sharing so much with her fans at first, she revealed in the video that she felt it was time to address her love life, which often played out dramatically on social media — especially in the case of her ex, Bella Thorne.

2. The One Where She Gave an Epic House Tour

Mongeau opened the doors to her gorgeous home, and showed off every inch of her mansion to her subscribers. In the clip, she even shared that one area played a special part in David Dobrik and Liza Koshy's relationship.

3. The One Where She Turned Herself Into a Bratz Doll

That's right, Mongeau and Ashly Schwan turned themselves into Bratz. You know, those dolls you see when walking through the toy aisle at Target. You have to see it to believe it.

4. When She and James Charles Roasted Celeb Fashion

Mongeau and Charles went in on celebrity looks from the 2019 Oscars. The YouTube stars are already hilarious when they're just talking about everyday life, so adding commentary on red carpet fashion just took things up a notch.

5. When She and Charles, Once Again, Played Fashion Police

You've gotta love a YouTube collab. Mongeau and Charles teamed up a second time to poke fun at fashion — this time they focused on their fellow YouTubers' Coachella looks.

6. The One Where She Channeled Her Inner Billie Eilish

Mongeau — a self-proclaimed Eilish stan — fittingly dressed like Eilish for an entire week, and totally slayed the looks.

7. The One Where She Explained Her Love For Jake Paul

While the video was just a black screen and a voiceover, Mongeau explained when she knew Paul was the one for her, which was big for her followers considering critics and fans alike had suspicions their whole love story was a stunt.

8. The One From Her Wedding Day

Mongeau not only shared a look into the morning of her big day, but she also addressed questions about her relationship with Paul. Mongeau revealed that though their marriage isn't legal, their relationship is real.

9. The One Where She Became Tana Paul

Mongeau posted an intimate look at her wedding day to Jake Paul shortly after the two (kind of) tied the knot in Vegas.

10. The One Where Eilish Unfollowed Her

One of Mongeau's most-viewed videos of the year was the one in which she revealed that Eilish unfollowed her on social media months after she dressed like her for a week. Who wouldn't be devastated over Eilish following them, only to unfollow them? Let's just say it made for a hilariously emotional 15-minute video.

Mongeau set the bar high for 2020, and her fans can't wait to see what she has in store for the upcoming year.