This Video Speed-Dating Site Will Help You Find A Quarantine Crush

vorDa/E+/Getty Images

Asking someone out is tough when you can't actually, you know, go out. Ever since the coronavirus outbreak caused the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to recommend social distancing, virtual dating has become the new norm, and FaceTime is the only way to get face-to-face with a date. But as it turns out, dating over video chat has a lot of benefits: it's safe, it's quick, and sometimes, it allows for a deeper emotional connection than an in-person first date. If flirting over Zoom is your jam, then you're sure to love Swivel, a video speed-dating site.

According to a rep for Swivel, the new dating platform was created in response to the coronavirus outbreak. "In a time where so many singles are self-isolating at home, Swivel wants to help them connect in a meaningful and functional way," the rep tells Elite Daily. "As so many of us are discovering, we are lonely without that constant human connection. Swivel is creating a safe environment for singles without having to leave their home." However, Swivel doesn't see video dates as simply the only option during quarantine — they believe virtual dating is the future.

"Video chats can break that feeling of loneliness by giving people the chance to meet potential friends and partners," a Swivel rep explains. "Swivel also thinks people will find that video dating cuts through some of the early nonsense and games that people find when only texting. It's easier to learn about someone when you are talking face-to-face whether virtual or in-person." The best part: You can make those connections without ever having to leave your couch, which is pretty much a win-win.


To start, Swivel asks new users to create a quick, verified profile. Then the matching algorithm takes your location, age, and gender preferences into account and shows only people who fit your criteria. Rather than swiping right, you request a call with users who pique your interest. If they do the same, you two will get the opportunity to have a one-minute speed-dating session.


Feeling sparks? You can favorite that person and they'll get your phone number. If they're feeling the same way, you'll get their phone number in exchange. To help you out, all of your video chat dates are saved in your history so you can easily find your faves and retrieve their digits for longer chats.

Safety is a big priority for Swivel. If you're not feeling a match, you can hang up at any time. And if someone ever makes you feel uncomfortable, you have the option to hang up and block that person. Just like in baseball, every user gets three strikes before they're kicked off the site.

If you like the idea of speed dating without putting on real pants (or having to come up with lame excuses before walking away from boring matches), then it's probably time for you to get Swiveling. Your time is valuable, after all — why should a terrible date ever last longer than one minute?